Slutsky said threat calls for the revision of SPUD and the threat of new US sanctions against Iran

MOSCOW, January 4. /TASS/. The Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky believes that the U.S. call to review the joint comprehensive plan of action concerning Iran’s nuclear program (SVPD) and the threat of fresh sanctions is not aimed at achieving world stability and security.

“New calls for the revision of AGREEMENT, and so it is possible to regard the statements of Vice-President Michael Pence on the conclusion of a longer-term agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program, is fraught with unpredictable consequences for global stability and security,” said Slutsky TASS on Thursday, commenting on a common on the eve of the press service of the White house interview Pence radio station Voice of America.

The MP called such statements “openly provocative line.” “In fact, we can say that this again demonstrates the U.S. intention to refuse to perform its obligations under the AGREEMENT”, – he said. However, the head of the Committee recalled that the “Iran deal” was endorsed by all permanent members of the UN security Council and Germany, and has an international character.

“Today, Iran has fulfilled its part of the agreement, it played an active role in the fight against terrorism in Syria. The position of the United States is very dangerous, it clearly shows that all international agreements can be reviewed and reversed in favor of this or that regime in Washington,” said Slutsky.

He also criticized the statement of the possibility of tightening sanctions in connection with the protests in Iran, which is now rumored in the administration of President Donald trump. According to the head of the Duma Committee, “the world well remembers how under the pretext of protecting the democratic rights of peaceful demonstrators and the opposition of the US and its allies were wiped from the face of the earth whole countries, as in Yugoslavia, Libya and Iraq.” “And that is now in place in these countries, particularly in the middle East, moreover, that went to Western commodity companies? A hotbed of terrorism and extremism, whence came the “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). This is a real international threat” – has concluded Slutsky.

Vice-President Michael Penny said in a Wednesday interview with Voice of America that the American administration aimed at securing a longer-term agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. Washington also wants to keep the possibility to impose sanctions for the development of not only nuclear weapons but also delivery vehicles for warheads. In an interview to the same radio station, the assistant to the President for national security Lieutenant-General Herbert McMaster called for the introduction of additional sanctions against Iran in connection with the situation in a country where from December 28 held a protest. He claimed that “the Iranian people expressed disappointment at the regime that pays more attention to the export of terrorism than the needs of its own people.”