The electoral Commission of Yekaterinburg denied the information about the collection of signatures for Putin a member of the Commission

EKATERINBURG, January 10. /TASS/. Chairman of the electoral Commission of Ekaterinburg Ilya Zakharov has denied reports that a member of the city Commission Eldar Valiullin collected signatures in support of the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The reason to check the CEC became careless statement Valiullina, said on Wednesday, TASS Zakharov.

Earlier, media reported that a member of the Yekaterinburg electoral Commission allegedly collecting signatures in support of Putin. The Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova promised to find out all the details of the Sverdlovsk electoral Commission and explain the situation at the next meeting of the Commission.

“Man carelessly He spoke, of course, no collection of signatures is not carried out… he came in and saw how organized it is (to collect signatures – approx. TASS), and how signatures were [television] camera, and he said, “we are involved in the collection of signatures,” – said Zakharov.

According to him, Valiullin member of the Yekaterinburg election Commission with a decisive vote in June 2017. He is also a representative of a participating in the collection of signatures of the regional branch of the movement “Victory Volunteers” (the organization unites volunteers from all over the country for various stock – approx. TASS), which collects signatures in support of Putin. According to the Chairman of the electoral Commission of Yekaterinburg, the fact that “Valiulin is a member or head of this organization” does not contradict the regulations in force.

Zakharov added that Pamfilova aware of the situation. “With her already talked Valery Abramovich (Dummies, the Chairman of the electoral Commission of the Sverdlovsk region – approx. TASS) that it was just a sloppy statement from the Eldar Valiullina”, – he explained.

About the collection of signatures

5 in Yekaterinburg opened two points of collection of signatures in support of Putin: at the airport Koltsovo and in one of the shopping centers.

The decision to advance a candidate in the presidential elections in 2018, the head of state announced on 6 December 2017 at a meeting with employees of the plant GAZ in Nizhny Novgorod. During a press conference on 14 December he said that he will run as an independent candidate. To register for the election he needs until January 31 to submit to the CEC no less than 300 thousand signatures of voters and within the region may be collected no more than 7.5 thousand