Putin: presidential elections, a large number of applicants refreshes the discussion

MOSCOW, January 11. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin considers normal the participation in presidential elections a large number of applicants, it is refreshing debate. This opinion he expressed at the meeting with the leadership of the national print media and news agencies, responding to a question about how he evaluates the fact that in the forthcoming elections of the head of state put forward a lot of applicants.

“I think it’s normal and good. This pre-election period to a certain extent the society is always annoying, but nevertheless it is good because it gives people the opportunity to speak, to talk about the problems of the country, about the ways in which different people offer solutions to these problems. It is useful, it refreshes the discussion,” he said.

Putin added that “as long as everything was within the law, with ethical and moral standards.” “This is the most basic. But in General, all of these campaigns are for the benefit of society, so I welcome it, glad to see some interesting, beautiful and useful proposals for the development of the country”, – concluded the head of state.