Putin discussed with the heads of news agencies and print media elections in the Russian Federation and international issues

MOSCOW, January 11. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the leadership of the national print media and news agencies touched upon the upcoming presidential elections, spoke about the relations of Russia with foreign partners and has promised to introduce in the country the title of “Honored journalist”. The President also promised to consider the possibility of advertising of Russian vodka.

The competition refreshes the discussion

One of the first, Putin was asked about the upcoming March presidential elections and the high number of presidential candidates.

“I think it’s normal and good. This pre-election period to a certain extent the society is always annoying, but nevertheless it is good because it gives people the opportunity to speak, to talk about the problems of the country, about the ways in which different people offer solutions to these problems. It is useful, it refreshes the discussion, sharpens it,” – said the head of state.

He stressed that “it is important that everything was within the law, with ethical and moral standards.” “This is the most basic. But in General, all of these campaigns are for the benefit of society. That’s why I’m very glad to see interesting, beautiful and useful proposals for the development of the country”, – said Putin.

Normalization of relations with the US are possible by the good will of Washington

Media managers were also interested in the problems of Russian-American relations. According to the head of the Russian state, normalization of relations is possible, but only if Washington will have the courage, good will and common sense. In the case of the continuation of the sanctions policy of the Russian-American relations will deteriorate, said the Russian leader.

“We are ready to normalize for a long time, just did the internal political situation in the States does not calm down”, – said Putin.

He noted that the Russian card is played in the political life of the United States, when opponents are intimidated President Donald trump’s impeachment, arguing that the “alleged intervention of Russia”. “I want to reiterate – this is complete nonsense, complete nonsense. No collusion, no intervention on our part was not. And, to emphasize this again, I want to Express the hope that sooner or later there is a political fuss over and will create conditions for normalization of relations,” said Putin.

In Italy, too, did not intervene

During the meeting of the President with heads of media were also discussed elections in Italy and the alleged “Russian interference” in them. “We can not think to interfere in anyone’s elections, including in Italy,” – said Putin, answering the question of Director General of TASS Sergey Mikhailov.

Putin said that the attack was well prepared. “We know when and where passed down these drones, how many of them. These aircraft are camouflaged – I want to stress this – disguised as a cottage industry. In fact, there obviously has elements of high – tech in nature,” he said.

The head of state assured that he had taken all the necessary measures “for the security of our item-based” and expressed confidence that “they will be highly” effective. Commenting on the fact that the drones were launched from the territory in the zone of responsibility of Turkey, Putin stressed that the terrorist acts were aimed at undermining relations between Russia and Turkey.

“There were provocateurs, but not the Turks. And we know who they are, know how many and who they were paid to do this provocation. With regard to these incidents, then nothing good is not. This is a provocation aimed at disrupting the previously reached agreements,” he said, noting that Turkish armed forces have nothing to do with the attack drones.

Putin assured that Russia will continue to strengthen its partnership with Ankara. “Agreed on the preparation of the meeting in Sochi between the representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition. Is in Damascus today, our interdepartmental group for talks with the Syrian government and President Assad,” he said.

Relations between Russia and Ukraine must be restored

The Russian President answered questions on the situation around Ukraine. He stressed that Russia is not interested in the fact that the situation in the Donbass region went into a state of frozen conflict and he wants the situation resolved. “But it was resolved so that it does not cause concern for anyone who lives on its territory,” said Putin, stressing that “Russia would be quite satisfied if it was fully implemented the Minsk agreement.”

“I think Mr. Kim Jong-UN, of course, the party won. He decided his strategic task: he has a nuclear warhead, has a rocket of a global range of up to 13 thousand km, which can reach almost any point of the globe, anyway – any point on the territory of his potential enemy,” the Russian leader said, noting that now the leader of the DPRK “of course, interested in the situation to clean up, to make amends, to soothe”.

Putin stressed that the settlement of the situation on the Korean Peninsula “it is necessary to proceed from reality, from what is, and based on the realities, to act very carefully and, if we were to set ourselves difficult to solve the problem of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, it is only through dialogue, through negotiations.” “I think that no matter how complicated it may seem, but ultimately possible,” the President said. According to him, “if all stakeholders, including the North Koreans, make sure be sure that their security can be guaranteed without nuclear weapons.”

Not only work but also leisure

The meeting participants were able to talk with the head of state not only about work but also about the rest. The President said that he prefers to rest in Russia. “As for the Christmas holidays and all other holidays, all holidays I spend in Russia, it is tradition and I will not pull, to be honest,” admitted Putin.

According to him, during the last Christmas holidays he “was at home, and then a couple of days ago I went to Siberia.” “There really was cold – minus 33, but I like it” – shared his impressions of the President.

The title of “Honored journalist”

Since the meeting of the President with the leadership of the national print media and news agencies took place on the eve celebrated on January 13, the Day of Russian press, Chairman of the Russian Union of journalists Vladimir Soloviev found it possible to appeal to the head of state with a request to introduce in Russia the honorary title of “Honored journalist”.

“I think that [it is] quite justified, why not”, – Putin responded, noting that the profession of a journalist is sometimes even heroic. “Such a Commission [to introduce in Russia the title of “Honored journalist”], formulate the President’s administration will do,” he promised.

Advertising vodka

When asked by one of the participants of the meeting to resolve to advertise strong alcoholic drinks such as vodka and cognac that the media can make money themselves without new privileges from the state, the President promised to think. “What you say is not without Foundation, because the volumes of revenues from advertising decreased in two times, the advertising market as shagreen, is reduced,” he said.

Putin recalled that at the request of media representatives “cuts already made – allowed advertising of beer, allows the promotion of wines of domestic production produced from domestic product, domestic grapes”. The journalists were offered “not to stop”. “Perhaps it is better to stay?” – switched to the humorous tone of the President. He observed that alcohol “gives power only for a very short period of time.”