Volodin pointed to the inadmissibility of formal replies of the ministries in response to requests of the state Duma

MOSCOW, January 12. /TASS/. Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin called unacceptable unsubscribe from ministries in response to treatment of the lower house of Parliament.

In September, the state Duma has instructed its Committee on transport and Committee on state construction and legislation to request the government of the Russian Federation about the decision of a question on transportation of children with disabilities in the car without special restraints. Came from the Cabinet the answer of the deputies were not satisfied.

“Please note two of the state secretaries that it (formal and informative answers – approx. TASS) is unacceptable, and their names will soon be sound”, said Volodin.

Responses from the ministries

The contents are received from government departments responses outlined Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov. One of the letters sent by the Department of industry and infrastructure of the Cabinet, is, in his words, “a pale impression of something, without details, no phones, no signatures.” “The only data is for the year 2016 on this alleged form”, – the Deputy told.

Response of the Ministry of transport, continued Lysakov, is that “this issue has already been discussed”, in addition, it is attached to the letter of 2016 at MCHS, where it is proposed “to study this question”, “a year has Passed, nothing has been done”, – stated the Deputy.

“No less a masterpiece, the response of the Ministry of health,” continued the politician. It is said that “in order to avoid traumatization of children with disabilities with severe diseases… it is necessary to consider the development for this category of children of special models of restraint systems, devices, allowing to carry in a horizontal position”, he informed. Meanwhile, members raised the question more widely and offered to resolve not to wear seat belts in certain categories of passengers and drivers who suffer a number of diseases, similar to the way it was done, for example, in Belarus.

As for the response from the interior Ministry, “this is not a blank, this blank sheet of paper, without signature, without written: “project”, protested Lysakov. “Given the above, we believe that the implementation of the requirements of road safety is mandatory for all participants regardless of the specifics of their health, he said. – Curtain”.

The only normal, according to Lysakova, the answer came from the Ministry of justice, which stated that “the issue requires a comprehensive study”, but noted that legal acts in the Department to date on this topic are not available. In this context, the MP stressed that the state Duma of the seventh convocation “reset their relationship with the government” and expects it “at least a minimal constructive and respect for their work,” which is that the deputies should solve the problems of their constituents.

The government’s position

Commenting on the words Lysakova at the request of the speaker of the state Duma, the Plenipotentiary representative of the government in the state Duma Alexander Sinenko acknowledged that “the Prime contractor for this request was MIA”. “We will consider this situation in detail, and will present the results and evaluation of the behaviour of specific officials”, – he promised. While Sinenko drew attention to the fact that the purpose of Protocol Commission of the state Duma, its committees was to obtain information from the government.

“If the deputies are trying of these queries to make a problem-solving tool, it seems to me, that’s not quite right… I think it would be more correct to invite our representatives to a meeting of the Committee, to hold a round table, a parliamentary hearing with specific recommendations. Then it will be clear what action the deputies propose,” – said the Plenipotentiary of the government.

Next time you will score

However, the Chairman of the state Duma was adamant. “We understand that it is an evasion and nothing more, in violation of all rules and norms”, – he said. “Let’s find the format and suggest a solution that will enable us in future to avoid this” – called Volodin. It is recommended to proceed from the fact what would be wrong if “the governmental hour” with participation of heads of departments “all replies will emerge and become the subject of discussion of unprofessional work of subordinates”.

“If such a conversation is enough, then we assume that the following conversation will require some kind of assessment,” – said Volodin. To avoid such situations it is suggested to connect the Duma Committee on control and regulation.