Died Viktor Anpilov

MOSCOW, January 15. /TASS/. The leader of the movement “Labor Russia” Viktor Anpilov and died a few hours ago in hospital from a stroke. About TASS reported the former state Duma Deputy Darya Mitina.

“On January 13 [Anpilov] went to a meeting [of the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation from the Communist party Pavel] Grudinina with the Trustees, but did not reach – a massive stroke. Three days lying in “Sklifosovsky” in a coma, a few hours ago died,” she said.

Victor Anpilov was born 2 October 1945. He graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow state University, worked in the USSR radio and television. In 1984-1985, he worked in Nicaragua. In 1990 was elected Deputy of the Moscow Soviet.

Communist leader

“His role in the Communist movement cannot be overstated. He was the first former Soviet Communist leader,” – said Mitin. For the first time she saw anpilova at the demonstration on 7 November 1991. “He then gathered a huge square, I then read about him, he was an active member of city Council and worked on the revival of the Communist movement, published the newspaper “Lightning”, created by the Communist party – Russian Communist workers party,” she recalls.

The coordinator “the Left front” Sergey Udaltsov also tells about the beginning of 90-ies of XX century as a time of leadership anpilova in the Russian Communist movement. “The EIF was then the leading political force, 1991-1993, Viktor Ivanovich Anpilov huge rallies gathered”, says Udaltsov.

After the dissolution of the Supreme Soviet in 1993 armed confrontation in Moscow, Viktor Anpilov, was arrested. “EIF then decided to boycott the elections to the state Duma, saying, it is wrong to participate in elections, but the Communist party went to the polls, and the fraction formed,” continued Daria Mitina, consisting of the Duma faction of the Communist party in 1996-2000.

After that, she said, colleagues at the EIF pushed anpilova leadership in the party. “Nothing terrible happened, by the time he created the movement “working Russia”, – noted ex-the Deputy.

Udaltsov maintains that Anpilov has continued to be the leader of this movement until the last day and intended to take an active part in the campaign for the candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinina. “I more recently, a week ago, discussed the issue with him, he wanted to become a confidant of Grudinina. Anpilov was an iconic figure, his death is a big loss,” – said Udaltsov.

Darya Mitina believes the death anpilova a great loss to the Communist movement not only in Russia. “He enjoyed great authority among foreign partners, and during our meetings, they until recently shown interest in his opinion, asked what is the position of Viktor Ivanovich on various issues, it was not a ritual interest, but a living, they do it was important to know,” said Mitina.