Lavrov: Russia will continue to seek justice in the world, despite the growing tension

MOSCOW, January 15. /TASS/. Russian diplomacy in 2018 will continue to uphold the principles of fair and equitable cooperation and to resist the slide of the world into chaos and confrontation, despite the growing tension around such key international issues as the situation on the Korean Peninsula and a nuclear deal with Iran, as well as a General tendency more and more to rely on military power. This was stated by the foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov on Monday held a press conference.

The main topics raised by the media, was expected – Russia’s relations with the United States, the situation in Syria, Ukraine and the Korean Peninsula, the prospects of SVPD (a Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran’s nuclear program). Was and unexpected questions, for example, the Finnish journalist about who started the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. It Lavrov forwarded to historians.

Another unusual question was not of foreign policy, and plans for the future Minister in the upcoming March presidential elections of the Russian Federation. “As for me, I’m not used to doing something, besides to provide the most effective work of our Ministry. This is my main task now,” said he, advised to seek further answers about the formation of the future government in the Constitution.

Big press conference

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation traditionally in early January, met with reporters. The main theme of the press conference stated summing up the past year. However, the Minister usually pays only a small part of his speech the results of the efforts of Russian diplomacy over the past 12 months and prefer to answer questions from the press, which is interested not in the past Russian foreign policy and its current goals and approaches, plans for the future. This time the introductory part took less than 10 minutes the press conference, which lasted about two and a half hours.

At the press conference was attended by about 100 representatives of the Russian and foreign media. All was set to approximately 30 questions on various issues of international relations. To ask the Minister could, in particular, the journalists of the UNIAN reports, bi-Bi-si, CNN, the Estonian media.

According to the journalist of the newspaper “Kommersant” Elena Chernenko, a significant interest in the press conference is that “you always want to hear what the outcome of the Minister personally leads in the past year, what he has to say about some plans for the future.” “Such events allow to perform in General and foreign policy results of the past year, she added. That is why they cause such a stir, there is always a lot of people.”

Difference from previous years was the serious tone of the press conference. Lavrov had not previously missed an opportunity to make a joke relative to any pressing international issue, but this time did so only once: answering a question of the journalist of TV channel “Russia 24” about which phrase, in his opinion, characterize the past year, the Minister said that it would not name them, “and then not understand it.”

Bet on the power

The situation in the world, as it is described Lavrov, leaves little room for jokes. “We are seeing the devaluation of international law, reducing the role of multilateral institutions, the observed interest of a growing number of States to increase military power, which they in the current situation I see is almost the only guarantee of its sovereignty,” this assessment gave the Minister the current situation.

The responsibility for this situation, in his opinion, falls on the US and its allies, who “still want to do business solely on the basis of dictatorship, ultimatums, don’t want to hear how other global policy centres and, in fact, do not want to accept the realities of the emerging multipolar world”. Among their methods is the deployment of a global missile defense, unilateral sanctions and extraterritorial application of the law, the desire “to solve any international problems exclusively on their script, stopping at nothing, including the use of brute military force”.

A special tension situation in recent months, as the Minister said, give threatening statements of Washington on the DPRK and the Iranian nuclear deal. The situation slipping into confrontation and chaos, said the Minister, Russia will make efforts to prevent it.

The increased presence of US

One of the leading motives of the speech Lavrov was the strengthening of the US presence, including military, in various regions of the Earth and in space. In particular, the Minister expressed concern that the United States will have access to the management of the missile defense Aegis Ashore after their placement in the territory of Japan, in connection with Washington’s plans to militarize outer space. In Central Asia in the format of C5+1 (United States, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) on the military presence it is not, however, here, the Minister said, for the declared interests of economic interaction may be lurking geopolitical goals.

The Minister has noticed that Washington in achieving their goals do not always act honestly, including in energy, military, media and sport. But Moscow has the answer: the Russian foreign Ministry has completed preparations for judicial proceedings on the claim about the situation around the Russian departmenti in accordance with the instructions of President Vladimir Putin, Lavrov said.

The threat to the integrity of Syria

Washington’s actions have a dangerous impact on the situation in Syria. “Now the actions that we see show that the United States does not want to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria, – said Lavrov. Just yesterday it was announced about a new initiative that the United States wants to help the so-called democratic forces in Syria to create certain areas of border security. By and large, this means the separation of the vast territory along the borders with Turkey and Iraq.”

Lavrov confirmed Moscow’s readiness to maintain a dialogue Pyongyang and Washington, and also commented on the forthcoming Ministerial meeting in Vancouver on North Korea, which will be attended by the foreign Ministers of 16 States.

According to him, the upcoming meeting, which will be attended by the countries included in the coalition under the UN flag during the Korean war, is harmful. Lavrov also denied allegations by U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson that Moscow and Beijing claim to support it. “It’s just an outright lie. We explicitly said that we believe these efforts, this meeting is harmful,” he said.

The Russian Minister once again stressed that the consequences of a military solution to the problem of North Korea would be disastrous.

“Minsk,” there is no alternative

Answering questions on the situation in Ukraine, Lavrov indicated that Russia will continue to achieve full and consistent implementation of complex of measures on implementation of Minsk agreements. The Minister stressed that there is no reason to accuse Moscow of violating the Budapest Memorandum, but added that Russia in any case respects Ukraine’s territorial integrity within the borders established after the referendum in the Crimea.

The Minister also explained the position of Moscow on the security of the UN mission in the Donbass: its members will be not only on the line of separation, but also to escort the OSCE observers wherever they are sent, up to the border with Russia. He added that the part of the security of the UN mission must approve the Donetsk and Lugansk.

Specified Minister questions was not confined to current international issues. Journalists from different regions of the world asked questions related to the relations of their countries with Russia. Among them Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Finland, Latin America. Despite the geographical diversity, the responses Lavrov, one thing has remained constant – orientation of Russia to the development of mutually beneficial and equitable cooperation.