In Putin’s staff selected for submission to the CEC, only the “perfect signing”

MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/. Activists of the election headquarters of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is participating in the presidential elections as an independent candidate, has set the aim to select for submission to the CEC of the “ideal signature” from a large array of signature sheets submitted in support of a candidate.

Gathered at the headquarters of the journalists were told about the test.

According to the co-chair of staff Sergey Kogogin, has already collected nearly 1.2 million signatures, with headquarters in Moscow delivered 472 thousand signature sheets. For submission to the CEC selected already 143 million of the 16 regions. Petitions from 27 regions at the moment to check. According to Kogogin, despite the fact that the number of signatures is almost four times higher than the required amount, the collection process while will not stop.

In accordance with the law Putin as a candidate must submit to the CEC 300 thousand signatures. The verification to the CEC can be submitted, subject to the provision that not more than 315 thousand

At Putin’s headquarters, located in Gostiny Dvor, received signatures from different regions of the country. Some sheets Packed in a cardboard box, plastered with symbols of the candidate and specify the regions where they were collected. For example, in several boxes was written “the Siberian Krasnoyarsk for Putin”.

Part of the signature sheets were stacked in large plastic boxes, some regions have submitted sheets collected in binders. According to the activist staff, signatures from the same region received “in a spacious cloth plaid bag”.

The main thing – do not make the wrong figures

During the meeting with journalists, activists told about the most frequent shortcomings arising during the collection of signatures.

“The signatures are going strictly with a passport, as volunteers must confirm the accuracy of the number of the identity document, as well as to fulfill the requirement of law that the signatures can be put only to local residents,” – said in the headquarters.

Signatures in support of Putin gather volunteers. A significant number of them – the activists of the movement “Victory Volunteers”, which are located in shopping malls and other public spaces. Also the signatures are collected in public reception of “United Russia”. According to activists, the decision was made during the collection of signatures do not walk on the apartments, not to invade the personal space of Russians.

“Citizens usually see the paragraphs of the petition and are interested in what’s going on. Volunteers tell them about the necessary requirements of what to put the signature in support of a candidate is possible only with a passport. After that, citizens who do not have the document proving the identity, go home, to return with your passport and sign it”, – told TASS one of the activists of the headquarters. According to him, often citizens are not just volunteers, to sign it, but start to talk about their reasons why they decided to support Putin.

However, even the attention of the volunteers to this procedure will not protect him from possible defects. One of the most common mistakes is entering the wrong passport number in the signature sheets.

“Sometimes instead of four digits in the series and six digits numbers in the signature sheets of the passport is marked with nine and sometimes eleven digits”, – told in the headquarters. These signatures are not tested.

Head of legal service of staff Sergei Kabyshev told about another common mistake – the so-called non-stipulated corrections. According to him, the so-called corrections in subscription lists, which were not duly authenticated by the signature collectors.

Kabyshev stressed that, because the signature sheets contain some personal information, then stored these leaves will be carefully. The leaves, which were not selected in the CEC, are likely to be destroyed. The press-Secretary of the headquarters Andrey Kondrashov said that the people signing will not be forgotten, they will go to work, and on their basis the basis of Putin.

The election of the President

According to the results of the nomination in the election campaign to date, attended by 17 candidates, two independent candidates and 15 party agents.

As independent candidates are running for Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Deputy of the Kostroma regional Duma, the deserved inventor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Mikhailov. Nominated parties: Vladimir Zhirinovsky (LDPR), Pavel Grudinin (Communist party), Elvira Agurbash (“green Alliance”), Sergei Baburin (party “Russian national Union”), Irina Volynets (people’s party of Russia), Catherine Gordon (Party of good deeds), Stanislav Polishchuk (Party of social reforms), Ksenia Sobchak (“Civil initiative”), Maxim suraykin (“Communists of Russia”), Boris Titov (Batch growth), Roman Khudyakov (“Honestly”), Grigory Yavlinsky (Yabloko), Natalia Lisitsyna (rot front), the Anton Tanks (Monarchist party of Russia), Mikhail Kozlov (Party of social protection).

Now all of them, except for Zhirinovsky and Grudinina, needs to collect signatures in his support. Parliamentary candidates from LDPR and the Communist party are exempted from collecting signatures and have already passed registration. The independents, for registration we need to collect 300 thousand signatures, candidates from non-parliamentary parties – 100 thousand Submit to the CEC the signatures and the documents for registration until 18:00 on January 31.

The Russian presidential election on March 18.