In SF record attempt to interfere in the election campaign in Russia from abroad

MOSCOW, January 24. /TASS./ Interim Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of the sovereignty and prevent interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation captures taken from abroad attempts, including using the media to intervene in the presidential election campaign in Russia. This was stated Wednesday at a press conference in TASS the head of the Committee Andrey Klimov.

According to him, the main task of the Commission is currently “monitoring the threats and challenges that appear in connection with the ongoing Russian initiatives related to the presidential election.”

“We’ve said this before, and I now confirm it: unfortunately, our forecast comes to pass that the interference [in the election] will be, it is carried out, is carried out in different forms and methods, including with use of mass media”, – said the Senator.

However, he pointed out that the Russian legislation is ready for such actions from the outside. “We made a number of changes in Russian laws, and they allow us to these threats adequately prepared”, – said Mr. Klimov, assuring that “this work will continue.”

Also, Klimov noted that “Radio Liberty” and “Voice of America”, recognized in the Russian media-registered as a foreign agent, his chosen specialization interference in the election campaign in Russia.

“Unfortunately, not only I have such information [about the intervention of the media in the electoral campaign of the Russian Federation]… If we analyze the content of two foreign agents – “Radio Liberty” and “Voice of America” – that they, apparently, specialization organized within itself,” – said Klimov.

According to him, in these media, including discussing the issue of boycotting the upcoming elections, put the strap appear for them. “We know how the generated programs of the two stations. We understand that their main customer – the U.S. state Department as well, we also know this from time immemorial, there is a large role played by the CIA,” added the Senator.

“The use of media goes. Unfortunately, this is subsequently followed by other Western media. Here actively and the network is adjusted, which is also not moderated away, but as moderated in the Russian language, the impression that you are talking with their compatriots”, – said Klimov.

Presidential elections will be held on 18 March 2018.