Of the Russian Federation proposed the establishment of an Independent UN investigating chemical attacks in Syria

UN 24 Jan. /TASS/. Russia proposed the UN Security Council to establish an Independent UN investigating chemical attacks in Syria for an initial period of one year and to bring to his creation the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW). The text of the corresponding resolution was circulated on Tuesday by the delegation of the Russian Federation. A copy of the document available to the TASS.

In accordance with the draft resolution Russia proposed “the establishment of an Independent UN investigation, United Nations Independent Mechanism of Investigation, UNIMI] for a period of one year with possibility of further extension” if necessary.

The purpose of the Commission, the document says, is to “establish indisputable facts”, which will enable the Security Council to establish accountability in the use of chemicals, including chlorine as a weapon.

In the case of adoption of the resolution, the new investigative mechanism will be instructed to conduct a “truly impartial, independent, professional and credible” investigation of cases of use of chemical weapons in Syria based on “reliable, proven and confirmed evidence” collected directly at the scene of the attacks. Stresses that the Security Council “will carefully analyse the findings,” to which will come the Commission of inquiry. It, follows from the document should refer to “the high standards set by the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons,” and to apply “the whole spectrum” techniques, including collecting samples and interviewing witnesses.

If the Russian proposal is approved, the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres and the Director General of the OPCW Ahmet üzümcü will be charged for 30 days to make recommendations with regards to the tasks, powers and composition of the Commission.

Permanent representative of the Russian Federation at the world organization Vasily Nebenzia said that Russia will give members of the UN Security Council sufficient time to study the draft resolution on the establishment of a new Commission for the investigation of chemical attacks in Syria.

“We have said that they would give Council members sufficient time to study the draft, and then to begin consultations at an expert level,” – said the diplomat. He admitted that the discussion of the Russian initiatives can be held next Thursday or Friday, but stressed that at the moment nothing planned.

A new Commission of inquiry is designed to replace the Joint UN and OPCW to investigate chemical attacks in Syria (CMP), which ceased to exist at the end of 2017. Attempts by members of the UN Security Council to agree on the extension of the mandate of the Commission was not successful.

CMP was created by the decision of the security Council in August 2015 with the aim of establishing the perpetrators of the attacks. During its existence the Commission submitted seven reports, in which he called the Syrian authorities involved in four chemical attacks. Russia has repeatedly subjected to CMP criticized for unprofessional work.