Kosachev condemned the British Minister of defense for spreading “deliberate lies and frightening”

MOSCOW, January 26. /TASS./ The head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev described the statement by the British defense Minister Gavin Williamson that Russia was allegedly preparing to destroy the infrastructure of the Kingdom, as unfair and dirty politics. This opinion he expressed in an interview with TASS on Friday.

Earlier, the Minister of defence of great Britain that Russia is developing plans to destroy vital British infrastructure, which, according to him, would lead to chaos and many casualties. His point of view he outlined in an interview published in the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

“Of course, the first question that arises from any Russian policy, not only policy: why? And not only why Russia suddenly attack the UK – it is the question purely rhetorical. But why to spread deliberate lies and frightening,” said the Senator.

In his opinion, there are several reasons. “Firstly, today in the West there is an unspoken principle about Russia nothing too. In a series of parody images in the network on the Russians did it [the”Russians did it”] has a very objective basis, which is mass attempts to see the “Russian footprint” literally in any negative event, and even the phenomenon of nature,” – said Kosachev.

Do not have to answer

Secondly, according to the parliamentarian, the West think about Russia, you can say anything precisely because to answer for his words will not have, otherwise many politicians in Europe and America already flew from their posts or a lot of times would think before to voice regular unsubstantiated accusations. “And with impunity anyone can safely say that Russia shot down the Polish and Malaysian aircrafts have committed aggression and annexation, is going to attack Poland, the Baltic States and now in Britain, “chose” the President of the United States and interfere in all elections in Europe. And no consequences for the author’s unsubstantiated sensationalism will not” – said the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council.

In addition, the Senator is sure that the threats of cyber attacks on infrastructure chosen by the Minister of defence of great Britain it is no coincidence that it is extremely convenient because to prove the source of these attacks is almost impossible. “So all you can blame on Russia, because it’s the answer for everything, and still be responsible for sweeping accusations do not have.”

Revision of defence policy

However, according to the Senator, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, perhaps suggested an answer to the question of why the British Minister of defense “to make all these ridiculous horror stories right now: the statement of Williamson had at the beginning of a five-month review of the defence policy of the country in which the Ministry of defence tries to prevent the reduction of the armed forces.

“The causes of loud statements are often banal and tangible. The only problem is that the forks then are lying of the Minister will be obvious, and the poor British will not become victims of the terrible Russian attacks. But osadochek remain – in the form of another round of confrontation in Europe”, – said Kosachev, adding that the blame for this, again, lay on Russia.

“And the ones who do intimidate their own people by the Russian threat. Unfair and dirty politics for which, in my opinion, citizens of other countries have to ask from their leaders,” the MP added.