Medvedev reminded the supporters of the sanctions on the necessity of cooperation in the fight against terror

GORKI, January 30. /TASS./ Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is confident that the rejection of the consultations of the Russian Federation with European countries on security can please only terrorists, and it must be remembered the supporters of sanctions. “If such consultations [on security] not – pleased only with the terrorists, he said at a press conference after talks with Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel. – Here we have to remember that everyone who voted for the introduction of those or other sanctions.”

“It is necessary to continue cooperation on topical international issues, as well as the main challenges and threats facing our countries, – said the head of the Cabinet. – Both Russia and Belgium are suffering from terrorism, and so we need to make sure to keep the consultation at all levels. Not to close doors and to keep the consultation in the most sensitive issues.”

Medvedev noted that, despite the sanctions, “we need to keep dialogue, to continue the cooperation”. He recalled that in relation to the USSR, sanctions have been imposed 10 times, but it had no impact on the country’s politics. “The effectiveness of sanctions, as a rule, does not reach one third of that expected by those who impose them,” – said the head of the Cabinet. He recalled that such measures may give rise to a need to resolve economic problems. Medvedev noted how during the sanctions, for example, increased the potential of Russian agriculture.

The Prime Minister added that the meeting with Michel wished success to the national team of Belgium at the upcoming world Cup, which will be held in Russia. “Honestly, I don’t know whose prospects in the world Cup look more rosy, the Russian Prime Minister noted. – About our team will not say anything, let’s see how she’ll play.”