Shamans believes the US nuclear doctrine threat to global security

MOSCOW, February 3. /TASS./ The new nuclear doctrine of the United States sets the increasing threats to global security. This opinion was expressed Saturday by TASS Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense, former commander of the airborne troops, Hero of Russia Vladimir Shamanov.

“The trend is clearly towards increasing the danger on a global scale,” he said.

According to the head of the Duma Committee on defense, this doctrine of “the Americans are trying to restore their status quo, as the sole power-the leader at the expense of another arms race”. “I can assume that [the US] are trying to get out of the various agreements, which was the guarantor of the last years. Also you can probably assume inventory space and much more,” – said the Shaman.

The MP is confident that the response to such actions the United States should be reasonable and balanced. “How to respond, said our President. We have our own strategy: it is balanced and reasonable. What is most important is not to repeat the mistakes of the Gorbachev period, do not get involved in arms race and to implement their own practices and evaluate things carefully, yet effectively,” he said, adding that events in Syria showed that “Russia has all opportunities.”

The Pentagon on Friday released an updated nuclear doctrine of the United States. In it, in particular, it is noted that the United States spread their commitment to deterrence against use of nuclear weapons in more than 30 States.

A decree on the preparation of the current President of the United States Donald trump gave on 27 January last year. The previous similar document was approved under President Barack Obama in 2010. Commenting on the new strategy, trump said that it is aimed at reducing the likelihood of use of nuclear weapons. At the same time, the Pentagon said they did not rule out the use of atomic weapons in case of attack on the United States using conventional weapons.