In Dagestan started to form a new government

MAKHACHKALA, February 7. /TASS./ The acting head of Dagestan on Wednesday made several appointments to key posts in the Republican government. In addition to the new Prime Minister Artyom Zdunov, who previously headed the Ministry of economy of Tatarstan, all of the appointees had previously worked in the Dagestani authorities.

“We will work on the revival of the image of Dagestan as a reliable and secure region, comfortable for conducting business,” said Zdunov.

The acting head of the Republic Vasiliev noted that with the advent of Zdunov, who previously headed the Ministry of economy of Tatarstan, Dagestan front of the new opportunities of cooperation with the region, which is “one of the drivers of development” in the country. “Tatarstan is our strategic partner… I am Sure that soon you will see, feel and participate in the achievements which are useful for the country”, – Vasilyev said at the session of the Parliament.

He also recalled that during the approval process to the post of acting head of the Republic, he promised to build its human resources policy based on “efficiency and achieve results,” officials of the government of Dagestan.

“Not in all areas we have progress. People don’t want to wait. Turn to me, the zone leaders, ordinary citizens, deputies, so we decided absolutely just demands of our citizens on the enforcement of those rights that they are guaranteed by the Constitution. In order to meet them, we must have the budget to have an effective economy, we need to reduce the shadow component,” – said Vasilyev.

Bet on local

And acting head of the region, and the new Prime Minister, in fact, is now the third person in the power structure of the Republic, said that the formation of the new government support will be done exactly on the local people. “In Dagestan, a lot of smart, enterprising, interesting and talented people. We work together with those who want to land flourished,” said Zdunov.

Responding to a question whether he would engage the government of the Republic of cadres from outside the region, for example, from Tatarstan, the new Prime Minister evasively replied that he would “consult with colleagues”. Vasiliev, answering a similar question, but regarding the formation of the leadership of Makhachkala, has noted that “the personnel reserve of the Tatarstan Republic will not be involved”, will attract local talent.

These statements confirmed the first destination. Through how much hours after approval Zdunov in the new position of the acting head of Dagestan signed a decree appointing first Deputy Prime Minister, the 64-year-old Anatoly Caribou, who held this position in the status of acting in the previous government and stayed from Monday to Wednesday, interim Prime Minister after the arrest Hamidov.

The first Vice Prime Minister of Dagestan in the Caribbean was in 2013 when the former head of the Republic Ramazan Abdulatipov. However, in the government of the country, he worked long before Abdulatipov. Between 2002 and 2013 in the Caribbean was the Deputy Minister of youth Affairs and tourism of Dagestan, first Deputy Minister of culture and tourism, head of regional Agency on tourism.

The post of Minister of economy and territorial development, was released after arrest Rudina Usupova (he combined the post of acting Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economy of the Republic – approx. TASS), has taken a 46-year-old Osman Khasbulatov, who led the Republican to this multifunctional center of public services (MFC). Exactly when in Dagestan opened the first IFC in the North Caucasus.

Also Wednesday, Vasiliev signed a decree appointing Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of education and science of Dagestan, doctor of legal Sciences, Ummupazil Omarov that in the previous government occupied the same position with the console acting. Omarova – rookie in the national government. On 25 January she was replaced as the head of the Republican Ministry of education and science earlier relieved of the post of Sahabas Yadav.

Equilibrium point

According to the Deputy of the state Duma from Dagestan Gadzhimet Safaraliev, a sharp change in the government of the Republic saying that “Dagestan was in need of them.”

“Apparently, the new acting Dagestan wants to attract effective managers in order to improve the performance of our government… How they are efficient and effective, time will tell. Dagestan is not a simple region,” said Safaraliev the correspondent of TASS.

According to the Chairman of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Leonid Davidov, the choice in favor of local personnel at the first appointments in the government is “finding a balance point” in the personnel policy of the President.

“Today’s appointment good balance yesterday’s decision on the candidacy of the Prime Minister, quite shocked the local elite. In any case, it is a signal that at least all the key officials in the new government will not be outsiders, but local people, if they are adequate for the positions that now need to substitute course will be used. But there is still a lot of turns of the process, and surprises might still take place” – said Davydov TASS.

He also noted that the situation in Dagestan can be called “purely an elite crisis”. “Shock takes place within the elite, it will not affect the life of ordinary people. All this is happening with the full approval of ordinary citizens,” – said the expert.

Completed the formation of a new government of the Republic within two weeks.