Antonov met with Russian participants of the National prayer Breakfast, USA

WASHINGTON, February 10. /TASS./ Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov held a meeting with the Russian participants of the National prayer Breakfast, sponsored annually in Washington.

The event at the Embassy gathered at least 15 businessmen, lawyers, religious figures, representatives of various public organizations of Russia. They in a relaxed atmosphere told the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in the US about Breakfast.

According to members of the Russian delegation, they are under the current Breakfast, which was organized February 8, held talks in particular with members of the U.S. Congress, the American businessmen, representatives of the expert community and even the judiciary. The Russians were “very lively discussions”. However, as explained managing partner of the consulting company “Alliance partners group” Alexander Usov, “a specific political topics, specific political goals” of the Russian participants during the discussions with the Americans is not affected.

“The largest event of public diplomacy”

As noted, for its part, member of the Board for corporate governance of the Central Bank of Russia Andrey Gaydamak, the national prayer Breakfast in Washington, traditionally attracts participants from different countries, represents the “largest event of the people’s diplomacy.” “Of course, such activities can and should be conducted together with the Ministry of foreign Affairs for the promotion of peacemaking and mutual understanding between our countries even at the level of businessmen, public figures, and not at the level of state structures, which debt is necessary to deal with such issues,” he said.

In addition, Gaydamak said that issues related to American unilateral U.S. sanctions against Russia, including the threat of further tightening on the basis of “the Kremlin list” with details of various American participants in the Breakfast were not considered, although this subject in General conversation was present. He also said that the Russians met with the part of the Ukrainian delegation arrived for Breakfast, invited to a meeting of the members of the Russian delegation on the sidelines of the Breakfast as its unofficial leader Yulia Tymoshenko, but she didn’t come. An invitation was received and the candidate in presidents of Russia Ksenia Sobchak, also attended the Breakfast, confirmed that Gaydamak. “Xenia Anatolievna we invited, but she couldn’t go,” Sobchak said about Gaydamak.

Participants Antonov assured of the readiness to facilitate the development of constructive relations between Russia and the United States by maintaining active contacts between citizens of the two countries. In this regard, one of the participants of the meeting stressed the importance of maintaining “relationships on a simple human level” between the Russians and Americans to “stay above the conflict”, that is, even in the most difficult politically times maintain positive interpersonal communication between citizens of the two countries. “We are at your disposal,” – said the participant of the Breakfast, referring to the Ambassador.

National prayer Breakfast – an annual event held in early February in the capital of the United States Congress and the nonprofit religious organization Fellowship Foundation. This time it was attended by more than 3.8 thousand people from a number of countries, including the Russians.