Putin hopes that Russia will come to normal relations with the West

MOSCOW, February 9. /TASS./ Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that the policy of sanctions will soon get tired of it by ideologues.

“I think this they themselves will soon get tired, those who do, the President said, speaking at the Congress of RSPP. – All-taki hope that we will come to a path of normal relations”.

The head of state drew attention of the businessmen that Russia is entering in a complex, stressful and critical period of development. “It is from the efforts of the business depends largely on how well we go through it, what results will achieve, – said Putin. – We know about the external constraints, not going into detail, let me just say that our position is well known: the policy of artificial restrictions in international business relations is a dead-end path, which leads everyone, including themselves the initiators of such policies to loss of profits and direct losses.” The head of state said that dealing with the business of other countries, he came to the conclusion that the foreign business community also share this view. He recalled, in particular, about the recent meeting with representatives of large French business and also just held a conversation with the President of France Emmanuel Macron.

“We have a positive attitude to what can do here not only with France but with other countries in the development of our business relations”, – said the President. He reminded that the policy of restrictions against Russia were almost always. As an example, he cited the fact that almost in one day with the cancellation of the amendment of Jackson – Vanik came the “Magnitsky act”, it happened long before the events in Ukraine and Crimea. “Just because I want to work with us” – sadly noted the Russian leader.

Putin expressed the view that foreign partners need to talk not only about sanctions, but about “what new technological wave will significantly change the landscape of the global economy.” “If I may say so, today the cards are dealt on the new, will form a fundamentally new markets for goods and services, the emergence of new leaders, – said the head of state. – Naturally, the competition is now escalates.” He warned that in such a situation, competitors with each other will not stand on ceremony in the course can go other forms of pressure, any form of competition.

“It is obvious that the sanctions challenge is systematic, and likely to continue for some perspective, – concluded Putin. But again, still hope that common sense will prevail, and in the interests of the entire global economy we will move forward together with all our partners in the right direction.”