Zakharov: the work of non-professional diplomats is muffled by the rhetoric of US politicians

MOSCOW, February 10. /TASS./ The United States and Russia have many points of interaction in which dialogues are conducted, however, the practical work of diplomats is muffled by the unprofessional rhetoric of many American politicians. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova published on Saturday an interview with “Izvestiya” on the occasion of diplomatic worker’s Day.

“Dialogue is conducted. Another thing is that very often the practical work that we support with Washington, it is muffled by absolutely inhuman, unprofessional, are some absolutely unearthly in degree of intensity and hate rhetoric that we hear on the other side of the ocean, and forced to answer, – said Zakharov. – We have work to do together , this is terrorism, the economy, civil society and so on. And really want to work knew more and more possible to expand these areas of cooperation, but did not do so, to further complicate the already difficult ongoing work,” she added.

According to the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry, the flow of the statements of a number of senators and congressmen diminish the value of the work being done by the embassies of the two countries, the foreign ministries and delegations in the international platforms.

“I want to finally, the partners realized the absolute destructiveness and futility of this public Russophobic rhetoric and realized the benefits of a normal partnership,” – said Zakharov.