Grudinin has not informed the CEC that all of their foreign accounts, the Commission is waiting for clarification

MOSCOW, February 12. /TASS./ The Central election Commission (CEC) has no information about two of the five foreign accounts of the presidential candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinina, said Monday the Deputy Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation Nikolay Bulaev.

According to him, Grudinin earlier, the CEC reported on five foreign Bank accounts, this information was sent for verification to the Federal tax service. “We have received from FNS [information] that of the three accounts of it in accordance with the law on currency regulation was notified and then notified the on that they on December 28 were closed, then he informed the CEC that the accounts he has and what amount of money they is,” said he.

Two more bills, said Bulaev, “FNS does not confirm that she has information about opening these accounts,” and that they were closed. In addition, FNS has informed the CEC that Grudinina there are two accounts in Swiss banks that were open in July 2017. On 2 February he was sent to FNS information about closing these accounts.

“But there is one little thing: the CEC on these accounts is not informed,” – said Bulaev, adding that the CEC is also no information about balances in these accounts at December 1, 2017.

However, he said that Grudinin was twice submitted to the CEC statement regarding closing of all accounts in foreign banks, and the Commission has no reason not to believe him. “But despite the fact that there is a contradiction between the submitted documents of Pavel Nikolayevich and the information provided by the tax service to remove all the omissions in this matter, the CEC has the right to re-apply to FNS to request the answer to the question of whether were closed those accounts,” said the Chairman of the Commission.

The Deputy Chairman of the CEC noted that “two available 1 Dec accounts information about the presence or absence of the CEC is not represented.” Bulaev said that the CEC sent a request Grudinina on this situation, but no answer was received.

According to bulaeva, while Grudinin has the right to continue his election campaign.

“The Central election Commission has no reason to raise the question about cancellation of registration of Pavel Grudinina” he said at the Commission meeting.

CEC expects Grudinina answer

“We would like to have it as a candidate accelerated the process, to dot the “i”, – said the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

She noted that the Central election Commission of the subject with foreign accounts Grudinina “extremely pleasant.” “On the one hand, we have, excuse me, muzzled and demand: “Remove Grudinina, there reason is,” on the other hand, that it all hurt, including the CEC,” she explained.

Pamfilova expressed hope that Grudinin “will show maximum respect to more than 100 million voters and quickly provide details about what the accounts are closed,” she added.

By law, a registered presidential candidate not entitled to have accounts in foreign banks.