The foreign Ministry calls on sides to show restraint in connection with reports of Israeli strikes in Syria

MOSCOW, February 10. /TASS./ The Russian foreign Ministry in connection with the information caused by Israeli aircraft on Saturday, missile strikes on targets in Syria, including those residing at the border zone of de-escalation in the South-West of the country, urged all parties involved to show restraint and avoid any escalation in the region. A message posted on the website of the foreign Ministry.

“We urge all parties involved to exercise restraint and avoid any actions that could lead to further complication of the situation. We believe it is necessary unconditional respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, other countries in the region”, – stated in the message.

As emphasized in the Russian foreign Ministry, Moscow considers unacceptable threats to Syria Russian military. “Absolutely unacceptable is the creation of threats to life and security of the Russian troops stationed in Syria at the invitation of its legitimate government, to assist in the fight against terrorists,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

On Saturday, the Israeli military said that an Israeli helicopter was shot down over the Golan heights, the Iranian drone that intruded into the country’s airspace from Syria. In response, the aircraft of the Israel defense forces attacked Iranian targets in Syria and killed an Iranian point of control of the UAV. During the operation, Israeli F-16 fighter jet of the Syrian air defense was running a few anti-aircraft missiles, the pilots of one aircraft ejected, one was seriously wounded, the second received minor injuries. After that, Israel launched a powerful attack on air defense systems and Iranian targets in Syria, hitting 12 goals in neighboring Arab countries, said the IDF.

The headquarters of the fighting on the side of the Syrian army Shiite groups have denied reports that an Iranian drone was allegedly shot down on Saturday over the Golan heights. As noted in the statement of the headquarters, based at the airfield T-4 at Palmyra (240 km from Damascus) drones to “monitor the movements of terrorists from grouping “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) in the Syrian desert and did not appear in the airspace over the Golan”. The headquarters of the Pro-Syrian forces, promised Israel “a severe retaliation in case that will be followed by new attacks on the airport T-4”, indicating that the drones from this airbase played an important role in the war against ISIS gangs in Eastern Syria.