Medvedev: the US establishment uses “the Kremlin list” for their own purposes

SOCHI, February 15. /TASS./ “The Kremlin list” the United States is an internal American problem, it uses them to solve their problems. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in interview to TV channel “Russia 24”.

“As for the current topic with these lists, published or unpublished, it is largely an internal American problem: it’s the problem of the struggle of the American establishment with President trump, it is a problem of settling accounts between Democrats and Republicans is the issue of contradictions in the Republican part of the American elite. And this revolves around a Russian theme, with the help of which a significant portion of the American establishment solves its internal problems,” he said.

At the same time Medvedev stressed that “for a business contact in different kind of lists is always a disturbing moment, that is what I expect those who are trying to put pressure on our country, and it’s not only Russian business, but the business in Europe.”

“When the lists are created, they say, look, so-and-so company made the list, you be careful with her because we have. They do it for purely pragmatic reasons, because they want to promote their company on the European market and push our companies to sever economic ties that have developed over the decades between the EU and Russia”, – said the Russian Prime Minister.

As an example he cited the fact that “the Americans directly in their laws struggling with the “Northern stream”, but not because it does not comply with the ideologues in the administration or Congress, and for simple reasons – they want to promote their liquefied natural gas to the European market and to try to bring Russia out of the game.”

Speaking about sanctions against Russia in the financial sector, Medvedev said that “no matter how narrow a circle, still we will not be able to take the ring from which there is no exit.” “The financial resources we are largely funded by internal resources and are looking for new financial markets. Of course, a number of projects due to financial sanctions refused under threat, but we were able to find other resources to mobilize internal resources. But let’s face it, would be better if these decisions were, because they harm both foreign and Russian business”, – said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also believes that a new round of possible sanctions on Russia poses no threat to Russia. “We expect nothing short probably got something to expect. If someone wants, can do it,” said the Prime Minister. “Let them have a headache, we are ready for any decision”, – said the head of the Cabinet.

According to him, “the Russian economy over the past two years have proved that it is able to cope with very serious challenges, including with sanctions and restrictions on supply, and in the field of Finance.” “From the fact that they have some regular lists were published or any decisions will be announced, in principle nothing will change,” – said Medvedev.

However, it said: “This does not mean that we are not watching the situation, we are prepared.” For example, the Prime Minister cited the creation of a special Bank that needs to service the defense industry. “Just so we, that is, not caught by surprise,” he explained. And reiterated: “But overall I have no significant threats to our economy, and especially to the citizens of our country do not see.”

Medvedev also added that he considers the period of sanctions in relations with the West “wasted time”. “This is the time, really, in our relations [with the West] – it is wasted: the business has lost money, jobs, none of this, nothing gained, if not to speak about import substitution”, – he said.

“There is no hell of no return, there are no red lines [in relations between Russia and the West]. There is a story that puts everything in its place”, – said Medvedev. He recalled that before the resolution of such disputes “reason prevailed, relations stabilized, stupid decisions were cancelled, business has continued”. “I am sure that this time it will be”, – concluded the Prime Minister.