In the state Duma argued about the “right to the last word” on important bills

MOSCOW, February 16. /TASS/. The deputies of the LDPR faction in the state Duma at the meeting on Friday expressed concern that the representative of “United Russia” supposedly invariably gets the right to speak last when considering the socio important bills, and thus to put an end to the debate. In response, the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin instructed to look into the matter.

So, the discussion in the third reading the presidential bill to raise the minimum wage to the living wage since may 1, the head of the Duma Committee for labor and social policy Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) drew the attention that at the meeting the day before “by a strange coincidence,” the last was Robert. “Today, we specifically tested how the system works, writing more members of the liberal democratic party and thereby lowering the probability of getting representatives of “United Russia” in the final position, and again he is in the final position,” the MP stated. He suggested that “the system is probably configured so that any socially significant laws assume that the final positions will be representatives of the “United Russia”, and any bills that are recommended for rejection, and resonance are also involve performances of “United Russia”. According to nil, from a technical point of view, “it is simple”.

In response Volodin called positive the fact that “when the record skip ahead of representatives of LDPR”. “Under the rules you propose that you missed?” he wanted to know. “When writing you just have to have endurance, to be able to wait. And then at the last moment to make a decision,” he advised, and cited the example of the liberal-Democrat Sergey Ivanov.

After that, the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev (namely, he became the object of criticism of the liberal democratic party) assured that “no secret is to sign up to speak last no”, and even offered to share with colleagues this skill. He also recalled that in his time the leader of the faction Vladimir Zhirinovsky insisted that he should always speak first. “Now, colleagues from the liberal democratic party insist that they should speak last. From my point of view, it is important not speech, but the weight and substance of the arguments that are put forward”, – said the politician, who oversees at a fraction of legislative activity.

System test

“Recording speech in the electronic system is performed in a random order: here it is absolutely unimportant, you clicked the first or the last,” retorted Sergei Ivanov from LPDR, noting that “aging is neither here nor there”. Moreover, according to him, the Duma Committee for the control and regulation should be established a working group to monitor the voting system. “In accordance with article 100 [of the rules of the state Duma], if received any complaints regarding the operation of this system, this group needs this system to check,” he added.

The head of the Committee on rules United Russia Olga Savastianova disagreed with these statements. “I would like to we very carefully read the regulations of the state Duma, which says that the working group is created to control the vote in the electronic system, and how coming to the performance of such a working group we have,” she said.

“Based on the fact that the topic raised, ask the Committee to look into the matter, to test the system and to investigate why Andrei Konstantinovich Isaev is during recording this, and to do everything to ensure that his rights are protected: it can’t always be the last”, – summed up the discussion, the speaker of the state Duma.