Foreign Ministry: during the battle in Syria has affected dozens of citizens of Russia and CIS countries, but not the military

MOSCOW, February 20. /TASS/. During the recent clashes in Syria have suffered dozens of citizens of the Russian Federation and CIS countries, there are lost, but it was not the Russian military. This was stated on Tuesday at the foreign Ministry.

“During the recent military confrontation, which in no way participated servicemen of the Russian Federation and not used regular technical means, have killed citizens of Russia and CIS countries, this has already been mentioned, there are wounded – dozens of them, – it is noted in the commentary. They have been assisted to return to Russia where, as far as we know, they pass courses of treatment in different medical institutions”.

CBS TV channel in early February, soobshil that the citizens of the Russian Federation included in the units of the Syrian Pro-government forces on 7 February in the village of Hassam allegedly attacked the headquarters of the “Forces of democratic Syria” backed by Washington. The coalition headed by the USA attacked that Pro-government forces.

As stated previously, the defense Ministry, the Syrian militia on 7 February was in the province of Deir ez-Zor under fire from the coalition, the uncoordinated with the Russian military actions. The result was 25 wounded militia. Of Russian troops in that area there, said the Ministry.