Sobchak said that the appeal to the Supreme court’s decision on registration of Putin ready

MOSCOW, February 20. /TASS/. The candidate in presidents of Russia from party “the Civil initiative” Ksenia Sobchak, said that the appeal against the decision of the Supreme court (SC) that upheld the registration of Vladimir Putin as a candidate in the election, ready.

“We’re not giving up, today’s lawyer Ilya Novikov has prepared documents for the next step – appeal to the appellate division of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation”, – said Sobchak at a press conference in TASS.

“Regardless of the decision of the Supreme court, which was to be expected, this question is not closed. In fact, the court never dealt with a question whether someone is eligible to run two more times,” she added.

According to Sobchak, VS “just don’t check out a particular person”. “This does not close the topic, but on the contrary, this theme opens”, she said.

The question is open

“I hope that through this complaint the issue will be discussed. This question will not be closed but will be reopened for discussion. In this case we used the Supreme court as the speaker,” – said Sobchak.

She said she was “very frustrating” that the other candidates who position themselves as representatives of democratic opposition, did not join her complaint. “I urge the democratic forces to work more closely in the future”, – said Sobchak.

Sobchak also said that he considered the unjust rule that to appeal against the registration of the candidate by another candidate. “The nomination of a candidate [for the post of President of the Russian Federation] – this event affects all residents of our country and all political forces. I believe that this provision of the law (limiting those who can file a complaint on registration – approx. TASS) needs to be abolished,” she said.

Previously, the Supreme court rejected the claim Sobchak with the requirement of cancellation of registration of Vladimir Putin as candidate for President. When making the decision, the court referred to the interpretation of the constitutional court that the law restricts the occupation of the presidential office to two consecutive terms rather than two terms in principle.

Sobchak extended the presidential elections from the party “Civil initiative”, Putin is running as the independent candidate. Elections will be held March 18.