The Embassy of the Russian Federation called biased words Nauert about the “failure of the Astana process”

WASHINGTON, February 26. /TASS/. USA needs to take into account the tireless efforts of Russia, Turkey and Iran in the pacification of the Syrians. This is stated in a statement on Sunday the Russian Embassy in the United States commentaries on the sayings of the head of the press service of the Department of state Heather Nauert about the “failure of the Astana process” in connection with the situation in Eastern ghouta.

“Adopted February 24, the UN security Council resolution 2401 noted the efforts of Russia, Turkey and Iran as guarantors of “Astana process” for reducing violence on the way to a comprehensive cease-fire throughout Syria. We confirm that we, together with Turkish and Iranian partners continue working diligently in this direction and are preparing to hold the next meeting in Astana format in March”, – stated in the commentary.

The Embassy noted that the United States supported the adoption of resolution 2401, and drew attention to the conflicting positions of Washington statements of the press Secretary Heather Nauert at the briefing of the state Department on February 22 about the “failure of the Astana process” in connection with the situation in Eastern ghouta.

“Such biased statements cannot but cause bewilderment” – said in the message. The diplomatic mission stressed that “nobody in their right mind would talk about “the failure of Geneva”, despite the fact that since the beginning of these negotiations “and failed to achieve any significant milestones in the Syrian polutoragodovaly”.

“I hope, – emphasized in the comments that the US was guided by the necessity of ending the counter-terrorist operations against groups “Islamic state” and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra”, “Ahrar Al-sham, Army of Islam”, “Falak Ar-Rahman” (banned in Russia – approx. TASS) operating in the suburbs of Damascus. Although some doubts in this regard do exist – are increasingly cited by Americans links to “” indicate that the source they receive information about the situation in Syria is wormed his way into the ranks of terrorists NGOs “White helmets”, funded by the Western Champions of the concept of forcible overthrow “undesirable regimes”.

The Embassy urged Washington to carefully check the transmitted information, correlate it with the real situation in the Arab country, and take into account the tireless efforts of Moscow, Ankara and Tehran “on the pacification of the Syrians on the site of Astana and in the context of the Sochi Congress of the Syrian national dialogue.”

The diplomatic mission stressed that Russia has never questioned the importance of the Geneva process, has always been committed to international obligations laid down in UN security Council resolution 2254. “All that Russia wants, is together with the international community to strive for the early completion of the antiterrorist operation in Syria to help establish in this country a long-awaited lasting peace”, – noted in comments.