Putin: radical improvement of crime did not happen

MOSCOW, February 28. /TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted the strengthening in the 2017 number of positive trends in the Ministry of interior, but the improvement is across the Board. “In 2017, the Ministry of internal Affairs has strengthened a number of positive trends: increased detection of certain types of crimes, including murders, assaults, burglaries,” said it at the enlarged session of the Collegium of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia. According to Putin, was also able to reduce street crime and provide an appropriate level of security for major international events.

“However, not all areas, the situation is just prosperous,” stated the head of state. “Decreased almost 43% of the total number of crimes solved, – he explained. In recent years, this figure jumps: grow up, then again will be reduced. Fundamentally, the apparent improvement of the situation, unfortunately, is not happening”. “So, the key principle of inevitability of punishment is not realised in full”, – Putin said.

The President of Russia has demanded from the police to respond quickly to violations of public order, including in schools. “One of the most important tasks – providing security in public places, he said. – You need to respond quickly to any disturbance on the streets, transport, sports, entertainment, events”. “In the field of your constant attention needs to be social, especially educational institutions, – said the head of state. – It is necessary to do everything to ensure that learning and our children’s lives was quiet, to minimise potential offence”.

The President drew attention to the need for greater use of in this work, the technical means, and involved the assistance of vigilantes and other public structures.

Anti-drug work

The drug problem remains a serious threat to the state and society, the number of crimes in this sphere is growing, Putin said.

“A serious threat to the state and society is drug trafficking,” – said the head of state, adding that just discussed this subject with the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

Putin noted that “the number of such crimes, although only slightly, but continues to grow.” “It is necessary to improve the coordination of counter-narcotics authorities at all levels and public organizations, to strengthen cooperation with partners from countries where major flows of drugs, and such international structures as the CSTO and SCO,” he instructed the President of the Russian Federation.

Decline in teenage crime

Putin said the decline in juvenile crime by 16% in 2017. “Last year a 16% decline in the number of crimes committed by teenagers, but attention to this area should remain consistently high,” – said Putin. The Russian leader stressed that it is necessary to respond promptly to all signals coming from teachers, parents, students themselves need to more actively engage in the prevention of juvenile delinquency.

This work, according to the President, should not only cover those in the so-called risk groups. “It happens that children from wealthy families fall into difficult situation. Important to identify and solve acute problems that they do not lead to the troubles and tragedies”, – concluded Putin.

Evaluation of training of public transport drivers

The President instructed the interior Ministry to more carefully evaluate the training of public transport drivers, to analyse the security situation on the roads.

“For the fourth consecutive year, a growing number of accidents committed by drivers of buses. Please more rigorously assess the quality of their training. Behind the wheel of public transport should take only the professionals,” he said.

According to Putin, “need to do more to equip modern technical means the most complicated Federal highway, focus on the problem areas in large cities, first of all, the elimination of traffic jams”.

“The main thing is people need to see real results of your work. Of course, this work must go together with the local authorities, but your role here is too great”, – said the President.

He recalled that by the end of 2017, the tendency of reducing the total number of registered accidents, “however, the number of victims in road accidents is still significantly”. The President cited statistics according to which in 2017 the number of accidents decreased by 3.9%, the number of deaths in these accidents fell by 7.9%, injured – by 3.9%. “The numbers overall as a good trend, but the absolute value is too large”, – said Putin.

The President urged the interior Ministry “together with colleagues from the Ministry of health, EMERCOM and other agencies to carefully analyze this situation and give specific suggestions for further positive movement in this direction.”

Extremist crimes

The President stated that the number of extremist crimes grew by 5% per year. “Among the priority tasks of the bodies of internal Affairs – counter extremism. Last year the number of such crimes grew by 5%,” – said the President.

According to him, the authorities of Russia see that some groups are “bold and defiant”. “They use to incite ethnic and religious intolerance, social network resources, organize unauthorized public events, trying to involve in the numbers of young people – warned Putin. – It is necessary to strongly suppress the activities of such groups and prosecute their organizers. Any illegal acts aimed at splitting the society, to destabilize the situation is a serious threat. Your direct duty is promptly to neutralize it”.

The situation in the migration environment

Russia should create conditions for effective regulation of migration flows, taking account of the legitimate interests of its own citizens, Putin said.

“There must be order in migration sphere”, – said the head of state. He noted that in recent years the procedure of registration of migrants and issuing of patents has been significantly simplified, and “we must continue to create conditions for effective regulation of migration flows, for a civilized solution of all issues arising in this area.”

“And, of course, [you need] in any case, not to forget the legitimate interests of our own citizens,” Putin said.