Almost 70% of respondents VTSIOM ready for the presidential election vote for Putin

MOSCOW, March 1. /TASS/. Nearly 70% of survey participants, conducted by the Russian centre for public opinion studies (VTSIOM), the Russian presidential elections are ready to vote for the incumbent head of state Vladimir Putin, who is running as self-nominated candidates. Sociologists also note that the increased intrigue of the fight for second place in the upcoming elections.

During the poll, held from 19 to 22 and from 24 to 26 February 2018, respondents were asked for whom they would vote if presidential elections were held next Sunday.

The leader of the ranking

“As of February 19-26, to vote for Putin in the presidential election ready for 69.1% of Russians”, – stated in the TASS research.

According to the previous survey for the 12-18 February, to vote for Putin in the presidential election were ready 69.5 per cent.

“The index of the candidate-the leader is under the corridors of values: the level of electoral support of Putin based on the data for each day in the second half of February remains within a narrow range 67-72%”, – concluded polls. It is also noted that “fluctuations in the figure are wave-like in nature.”

The intrigue around the second place

While VTSIOM notes that “the intrigue of the fight for second place intensified”. “Increased ratings [the Communist party candidate, businessman Paul] Grudinina, [LDPR leader Vladimir] Zhirinovsky [the presenter, the candidate of the party “Civil initiative” Ksenia] Sobchak”, – stated in the materials.

According to sociologists, “at the end of February the second ranking is Grudinin, his electoral turnover rose to 7.8%”. According to the previous survey it was 7.5%.

The rating Zhirinovsky – 5,9% (previously 5,3%), Sobchak is ready to vote of 1.6% for the candidate of the “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky and 0.9%, for the party leader “Russian public Union” of Sergey Baburin – 0,3%, the business Ombudsman, the Chairman of Party Boris Titov growth – 0,3%, at the head of the “Communists of Russia” Maxim Suraykin – 0,1%, follows from the data VTSIOM. According to a survey of mid-February, their ratings were, respectively, 0,9%, 1,4%, 0,4%, 0,3% and 0.1%.

“The stability of the electoral situation in the last days remains,” – commented on the results of a survey practice leader for political analysis and consulting VTSIOM Mikhail Mamonov.

According to him, is “driven primarily by the stability of the position of Vladimir Putin, the intrigue is just in the lead between the candidates of the second and third order.” “Vladimir Zhirinovsky tries to close the gap with Pavel Grudinin,” explains Mamonov, Recalling that, “as shown by opinion polls, strategy latest breakthrough traditional for the leader of LDPR”.

Thus, in his opinion, “there is no answer to the question of who eventually gets the most votes – Grigory Yavlinsky or Ksenia Sobchak, but their numbers are small”.

The declared level of participation

81,5% of Russians who participated in the survey expressed willingness to participate in the election of the President of the Russian Federation on March 18.

As noted in the materials of VTSIOM, “the declared level of civic participation in the elections remains high, according to the end of February 2018 81.6% (this is the percentage of respondents who declared readiness to take part in the elections of the President of Russia in March 2018)”. On the question of whether they will accept participation in presidential elections, these respondents gave answers including “just accept”, “probably accept” and so on. According to the results of the previous survey, held from February 12 to 18, the figure was 81.1 per cent.

Do not plan to vote, according to a recent survey, 6.5% of respondents, 10.6 percent reported that it is not yet decided, will go to vote or not.

“The fourth consecutive week of increases, a group of Russians declare their readiness to take part in the vote. Despite the declarative intentions of the received indicators testify to the increasing interest of Russians to the elections”, – commented the results of a survey practice leader for political analysis and consulting VTSIOM Mikhail Mamonov.

Method of survey

The initiative all-Russia poll “polls-Sputnik” was conducted among Russians aged over 18 years through telephone interviews in a stratified random sample of dibasic landline and mobile numbers with a volume of 7 thousand respondents. The sample is based on the complete list of phone numbers involved in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Data weighted for probability of selection and socio-demographic parameters. For a given sample size the maximum error with 95% probability does not exceed 1.2%. In addition to sampling errors, the bias in the survey data can make the wording of questions and different circumstances that arise in the course of field work.