How was the message of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

This year the event was held in the Moscow exhibition hall “Central hall”.

Message from the President – annual public appeal of the President to both houses of Parliament, which assesses the state of Affairs in the country and main directions of domestic and foreign policy.

14:21:35 01.03.2018
14:04:13 01.03.2018

Putin’s message to Parliament in 2018, a record for the duration. The President spoke for 1 hour and 55 minutes.

13:57:28 01.03.2018

Russia was, is and will take its sure course, Putin said in conclusion of the annual message.

13:55:00 01.03.2018

The policy of the arms race and containment of Russia by the West had failed, said the head of state.


13:53:20 01.03.2018

Russia creates the latest systems in response to the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, the President added.

13:51:53 01.03.2018

Putin believes that demonstration of the capabilities of the Russian armed forces will sober any aggressor.

13:49:32 01.03.2018

The head of state called the creators of the new Russian strategic weapons “heroes of our time”.

13:45:50 01.03.2018
13:43:52 01.03.2018

Putin has invited Russians to choose the name for new types of strategic weapons, the Russian Federation.

13:43:48 01.03.2018

The head of state urged the West to hear Russia warned concerning violations of international strategic balance.

13:41:20 01.03.2018

Putin said that Russia began testing the missile complex “Sarmat”.

13:40:07 01.03.2018

Russia creates a non-ballistic weapon system, which is not ABOUT interference, Putin added.

13:38:36 01.03.2018

The head of state reported on the continuous improvement of domestic systems to overcome missile defense.

13:37:15 01.03.2018

The President announced the possession of the Russian hypersonic weapons.

13:36:14 01.03.2018

Russia also created an unmanned underwater vehicle that can move on extremely large depth, the range of its movement is not restricted, Putin said.

13:33:31 01.03.2018

Russia made a swift step in the creation of new strategic weapons, Putin said.

13:29:48 01.03.2018

The head of state stressed that all Russia’s proposals for joint work on missile defense was rejected by the United States.

13:26:08 01.03.2018

The President turned to the topic of the current situation in the world, risks and threats.

Putin announced the creation of a new cruise missile with a compact heavy-duty nuclear plant, invulnerable to missile defense and air defense.

13:25:16 01.03.2018

Putin noted that over the six years, all public services must be translated into electronic real-time.

13:24:51 01.03.2018

That the Russian authorities will do everything possible for the development of entrepreneurship in the country, the business also needs to increase its contribution to the strategic objective – breakthrough development of Russia, the President added.

13:23:48 01.03.2018

Food exports from Russia in four years should exceed the imports, Putin said.

13:22:35 01.03.2018

Putin proposed to extend the concessional rates for transportation of grain after July 1.


13:22:32 01.03.2018

The new macroeconomic reality allows you to gently lower lending rates, said the head of state.

13:22:18 01.03.2018

The Russian President said that within two years the whole system of control and supervision needs to be transferred to the risk-based approach.

13:22:11 01.03.2018

Putin has instructed the FAS to strictly observe the growth of prices on commodities.

13:21:00 01.03.2018

The penal code must cease to be an instrument of decision of economic disputes, Putin said.

13:16:54 01.03.2018

For sustainable growth it is necessary to ensure investment growth to 25-27% of GDP, said the head of state.

13:12:42 01.03.2018

The share of government in the economy should be gradually reduced, said the President.

13:09:32 01.03.2018

The state must vigorously sell assets that have fallen under its control in the recovery of the banking system, Putin said.

13:07:13 01.03.2018

And Russian non-oil exports for six years to double to $250 billion a year, the President added.

13:05:06 01.03.2018

The share of small business in the Russian economy by 2025 should be 40%, Putin said.

13:01:03 01.03.2018

The head of state noted that the growth of labor productivity should grow at least 5% per year to reach the level of leading world economies in 10 years.

13:00:36 01.03.2018
12:59:05 01.03.2018

Russia needs an economy with growth rates above the world, and is a prerequisite for a breakthrough, Putin said.

12:57:16 01.03.2018

Putin has set the task to increase the efficiency of public spending, to create a stable tax environment.

12:57:15 01.03.2018

Putin proposed to introduce a programme for the construction of cultural complexes in the regions.


12:56:31 01.03.2018

The President went to the economic block of the message.

12:54:02 01.03.2018

Speaking about the ecology of the country, the President noted that the problem of landfills that need to be addressed, primarily within the city limits.

12:53:41 01.03.2018

Putin noted the pivotal role of RAS and academic institutions in technological development of the country. The President proposed to simplify the procedure of granting Russian citizenship to attract talented scientists from abroad.

12:52:45 01.03.2018

Turning to the issue of development in Russian science, the President said that in the shortest possible time should be to remove all barriers to the development of robotics and artificial intelligence.


12:49:16 01.03.2018

Putin proposed to double the cost of a massive program of spatial development of Russia.

12:48:03 01.03.2018

On early vocational guidance of pupils will spend 1 billion rubles, Putin said.

12:45:48 01.03.2018

Putin drew attention to the modernization of the urban environment.

“Upgrading the urban environment should be based on the wide implementation of advanced technologies, modern architectural solutions, the use of digital technologies in the work of social facilities, public transport and utilities. Such large-scale project is a new economic and social prospects for people, modern life, modern cultural and civil initiatives for small businesses and startups. All this will serve for the formation in Russia of mass, active middle class,” he said.

12:42:41 01.03.2018

Russia needs a special national program of fight against cancer, he added.

12:41:38 01.03.2018

Every Russian at least once a year should be able to pass the quality review, he said.

12:39:29 01.03.2018

The head of state assured that the may 2012 Executive orders helped to solve ambitious tasks in the country.


12:38:18 01.03.2018

In the years 2019-2024 on the development of health should direct at least 4% of GDP, but we must strive to 5%, said the President.

When health care reform was too fond of administrative reforms, forgetting about the people, he added.

12:37:04 01.03.2018

By 2024, the country will ensure widespread fast Internet access, said Putin.

12:36:18 01.03.2018

Throughput capacity of the Baikal-Amur and TRANS-Siberian Railways towards seaports and border crossings of the Far East should be increased for six years in 1.5 times – up to 180 million tons, said the Russian President.

12:35:38 01.03.2018

Putin said that Russia must become one of the world centers of processing and storing large amounts of information.

12:35:34 01.03.2018

After six years half of regional air transport will be carried out directly, said the President.

12:34:46 01.03.2018

The head of state believes that the technological gap leads to security threats, the risk of loss of sovereignty.

12:34:08 01.03.2018

By the year 2025 freight traffic along the Northern sea route should increase 10 times to 80 million tons, Putin said.

12:32:09 01.03.2018

Movement on road part of the Crimean bridge opens in a few months, he said.

12:30:00 01.03.2018

The development of roads in the next six years we need to double spending to 11 trillion rubles, Putin said.

12:28:42 01.03.2018

Putin needs to specify the calculation of the property tax, because the cadastral value exceeds the market. The decision must be made in the next six months.

12:27:52 01.03.2018

The head of state said that the tax on property of physical persons should be fair and affordable for the citizens.

12:26:52 01.03.2018

Putin instructed to increase the volume of housing construction in the country with 80 to 120 million square meters.

12:25:44 01.03.2018

Putin proposes to reduce mortgage rates to 7-8% per annum.

12:25:19 01.03.2018

For the first time in the history of Russia it is necessary to reach the level that annually 5 million families could improve their living conditions, said the President.

12:23:52 01.03.2018

Putin called for an update of the archaic structure of employment.

12:23:26 01.03.2018

Putin proposed a massive program of spatial development of Russia, including the development of cities. For these purposes six years, the expenditure should be doubled, he said. Urban development must become a driving force for the whole country, Putin said.

12:22:05 01.03.2018

Sustainability is the basis, but not a guarantee of the country’s development, Putin said.


12:21:46 01.03.2018

Russia established as a democratic society in an independent way, said Putin.

12:21:23 01.03.2018

“To go forward, develop rapidly, we need to expand the space of freedom, and in all areas is to strengthen the institutions of democracy, local government, civil society, the courts, to be a country open to the world, new ideas and initiatives,” – said the President.

12:20:48 01.03.2018

Putin set the task to increase GDP per capita one and a half times in six years.

12:18:54 01.03.2018

The average life expectancy of the Russians by the end of next decade to exceed 80 years, Putin stressed.

12:18:52 01.03.2018

It is also necessary to provide regular indexation of pensions above inflation, said the head of state.

12:16:53 01.03.2018

On measures of the demographic character for six years is necessary to direct 3.4 trillion rubles, which is 40% more than the previous six years, Putin said.

12:16:49 01.03.2018

Russia established as a democratic society in a free independent way, said the President.

12:16:04 01.03.2018

The President also stated the need to provide young families with places in the manger, “for three years, it is necessary to create 270 thousand jobs”, said Putin.

12:14:30 01.03.2018

In the next decade, it is necessary to ensure sustainable population growth, Putin said.

12:13:30 01.03.2018

A key task for the next six years – to halve the poverty level, said the head of state.

12:12:41 01.03.2018
12:11:22 01.03.2018

Need to seriously update the ineffective structure of employment, the President said.

12:10:25 01.03.2018

Putin believes that Russia can make a qualitative leap in all areas.

12:09:04 01.03.2018

Putin noted that “whoever is elected President, we need to experience challenges of time”.

12:06:59 01.03.2018

The Russian President announced that his message is “interim in nature”.

12:06:18 01.03.2018

Putin said that at the heart of development lies the preservation of the people and prosperity of the citizens, “here we must make a decisive breakthrough.”

12:03:59 01.03.2018

The current message to the Federal Assembly – the 24th in the modern history of Russia and 14th for Putin.

12:02:34 01.03.2018

Vladimir Putin entered the hall.

11:58:02 01.03.2018

Traditionally, the Kremlin did not disclose the content of the message. However, Putin himself in meetings several times mentioned topics, which plans to touch on during the speech. For example, he promised to pay attention to the subject of domestic science and creation of conditions for business in Russia.

11:51:38 01.03.2018

In the Arena gathered more than 700 representatives of Newspapers and magazines, online media, television and radio stations. For better visualization during the announcement of the message will be used screens infographic.

11:49:10 01.03.2018

Prior to the announcement of the message there is very little time. Parliamentarians, government members, chairmen of constitutional and Supreme courts, Prosecutor General, head of the CEC, the audit chamber and the Public chamber, heads of regions, heads of major religious denominations and journalists take their seats.