The Italian foreign Ministry denied a visa to Senator Gabrovo, since he included in the sanctions list of the EU

MOSCOW, March 4. /TASS/. Italian Ministry of foreign Affairs refused to issue visas to the Russian Senator, the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabarov, as it is in the sanctions list of the European Union. This was the politician said on Sunday, TASS reported. Jabbarov was the mission of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA) to observe the parliamentary elections in Italy.

“Italy [the refusal of a visa] referred to the decision of the European Union, which introduced me to the sanctions list. Although the visas were requested from them as a member of the parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE,” – said dzhabarov.

He explained that in accordance with the Assembly resolution adopted in Tbilisi, OSCE parliamentarians are not subject to restrictions in issuing visas.

“We have excellent cooperation with the Italian delegation in the parliamentary Assembly, and in General at all levels. However, EU leaders put pressure on Italy,” said the Senator.

According to dzhabarov, his candidacy was the only member of the delegation of the observer mission from the Russian Federation. “Accordingly, representatives of Russia within the mission of observers there,” he said.

On Sunday, Italy held elections to the Parliament and in the administration of the two areas. To monitor the course of voting in Italy for the first time there has arrived mission of the parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE – the organization in which this year presides in Rome. As previously stated in the official press release, the delegation consisted of 42 observers from 22 countries.