In remote areas of Siberian regions have begun early voting

NOVOSIBIRSK, March 5. /TASS/. New voting procedure at the location without obtaining absentee ballots, which citizens of Russia will be able to use the presidential election on March 18, were in demand in the Siberian regions, largely through the portal of public services.

Representatives of regional election commissions told TASS which categories of voters decided to vote in a new way and how the Commission will reach those citizens who are in remote and inaccessible places and can’t come to the polls.

From village to city and Vice versa

Voting among new citizens in Siberia – residents of remote communities, shift workers, and military personnel on the border. According to the head of the Omsk election Commission Alexey Nesterenko, in the region of this way of expression I decided to use mainly the voters who registered in the countryside, and live and work in the city, where they will vote.

“I have the numbers that we have in 2012, absentee ballots voted 19 thousand people. While applications filed under the new form of 15 thousand, but things started [to apply] 25 February,” he told TASS.

In some areas started early voting. In the most remote and inaccessible Average of Kalar village in the North of the Baikal region, where live about 60 people, the voters voted on last week, reported TASS the representative of the regional election Commission Natalia Kozlova.

“Early voting began on Wednesday (28 February) with Average village Kalar Kalar district, where members of the PEC traveled by plane An-2 for the procedure of voting. Early voting in Transbaikalia will end on March 16 – two days before election day,” said Kozlov.

“Public services” to help the voter

As noted by election Commission of regions wishing to vote at the location of actively using the portal. In the Novosibirsk region have submitted applications for voting at the location of the 33 million voters.

“More than 5.5 thousand applications were submitted to the territorial election commissions, more than 2 thousand – in the branches of MFC, to the district election commissions – more than 10 thousand On the website of the portal of public services, they received more than 15 thousand”, – said the press Secretary of the regional election Committee Victoria Sumin.

She said that some of the written statements of voters plan to vote in the Novosibirsk region, but on the other. Others will take part in the elections on the territory of another region or abroad.

The voters of the Kemerovo region also use the portal of public services. Of the more than 11 thousand applications for voting no on registration at the place of residence about half of the submitted through this resource, said TASS in the regional electoral Commission. “This is due to the fact that you can apply not only with computer but also with mobile phone with the application”, – consider in regional election Committee.

By plane, by snowmobile and by helicopter

To the most remote areas and settlements of the regional election Commission traditionally expect to get with the use of special vehicles, including the an-2 aircraft, snowmobiles, helicopters and all-terrain vehicles. According to the Chairman of the territorial electoral Commission of Tashtagol district of the Kemerovo region Nina Gradinii to villages inhabited by Shor (an indigenous Siberian people living mainly in the South of the Kemerovo region – approx. TASS), the Commission will travel by snowmobiles and helicopters.

“Completely ahead of time March 17, voters will vote in three remote villages Mrassu, Ust-Anzas and Chilis-Anzas, where 454 voters, Commission members will travel on snowmobiles. Even in the areas in the towns of Ust – Kabyrza, condom and Key to be ahead of vote, about 500 voters who live near these settlements,” said Gredin

According to her, on election day, March 18, will use the helicopter, which will bring the Commission members up to remote villages. His route of flight will be determined closer to the election date.

In the Northern district of Krasnoyarsk territory, on the Taimyr Peninsula – early vote will be about 3 thousand people, including the inhabitants of the tundra, workers of agriculture and oil and gas fields, military personnel and explorers, told TASS in the city hall of the city of Dudinka, the administrative center of Taimyr.

As said the interlocutor of the Agency, until March 17, to organize a vote of 17 helicopter flights. Members of precinct election commissions plan to visit reindeer breeders, fishing point, wells Askinskaja fields, gas fields Messaage, Palatki and Suzun, the existing border posts and military units on the Chelyuskin Cape, the Islands and Golomyanny Average, the meteorological station of the island News, and other hard-to-reach points of Taimyr.

In Zabaykalsky Krai to get to remote areas, the election Commission will use the An-2 aircraft, ATVs and cars. According to the representative of the regional election Commission Natalia Kozlova, members of precinct election commissions have to visit herders, border posts, artel, weather stations, cordons Sokhondinskii reserve – a total of 1202 separate groups of voters.