Putin demanded that the FSB effective fight against corruption

MOSCOW, March 5. /TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has demanded from FSB effective fight against corruption.

“I hope that you continue active, productive work on such a significant for the country and society direction as the fight against corruption”, – said the head of state to the FSB at a meeting of Board service.

Putin noted that Russia “will have to implement large-scale, largely unprecedented plans in social development, modernization of infrastructure, urban renewal and human settlements; unfolding work on the recently adopted new state program of armaments.” “We need to protect the solution to all these problems of corruption threats, and the interests of the people – theft, bribery and attempts to put pressure on employers, threatens the economic and other rights and freedoms of citizens, the economy, the rights which lie at the basis of development of the state and society”, – said Putin.

The President recalled that “with the participation of the FSB recently conducted a series of effective operations against corrupt officials and corrupt communities, including in respect of those who parasitized on the economy, the housing and communal services, budgetary resources, robbed the state and citizens, thereby caused serious, direct damage to the development of Russia.”