Fishermen and residents of mountain villages opened early voting in the North Caucasus

TASS, 6 Mar. Early voting in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation began in the North Caucasus. In Sunday in Dagestan have voted fishermen on island in the Caspian sea, where the members of the electoral Commission came on the boats, and the inhabitants of the highland villages which can only be reached on foot through the snow.

Also, the election commissions of the North Caucasian regions indicate the interest of the electorate to vote at the place of actual stay, from which you can take part in the elections can, in particular, guards and visitors of ski resorts and sanatoria of the Caucasian mineral waters.

Voting at the place of stay without the absentee ballots to be applied for the first time in Federal elections. To apply for voting at the place of stay from January 31, in the multipurpose centers (MFC), territorial electoral commissions and through the website services. From 25 February you can also do this in any of the precinct election Commission. According to the forecasts of the CEC, a new opportunity is available to millions of people, such statements have been filed with 2.2 million voters.

Boat, SUV, on foot

The first in the North Caucasus in the presidential election voted by the people of the two Dagestani villages where voter lists have been made about 550 people. One of them — Huset is located high in the mountains, the second — Ostrov Chechen ‘ — on the same island in the Caspian sea separated from the coast by several kilometres of water.

As told TASS the Chairman of the election Committee of Dagestan Magomed Dibirov, ballots and other required documentation to the Chechen island was taken by boat on the eve of the vote. To deliver ballots to the village of Sochi, had to walk through about 20 km of snow-covered mountain slopes. The Chairpersons of precinct electoral commissions, accompanied by representatives of law enforcement bodies in the same way will deliver the protocols with results of voting in territorial election commissions.

To vote in the presidential election and visitors will be able resorts of the Stavropol territory. “Russian citizens, arrived for treatment in the sanatorium of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, will be able to exercise their right to vote, including 15 polling stations formed in the major resorts of cities-resorts of Caucasian mineral waters”, — told TASS in the electoral Commission of the region.

The telephone hotline of the regional electoral Commission receives calls from citizens from other regions of the country who are interested in where the nearest polling station whether he was in any sanatorium. In the Stavropol region has received about 25 thousand applications about voting at the place of actual stay.

Special features

In all the Caucasian regions, conditions will be created to vote of people with disabilities.

In the CBD, where there are more than 59 thousand people with disabilities at polling stations established booths expanded configuration so that there was wheelchair access. For the visually impaired provided by the devices with additional lighting, prepared informational materials printed in larger font and in Braille.

In North Ossetia are disabled (in the Republic there are about 60 million) to the place of voting will be delivered by special transport in areas for them to install special lifts. Elderly people will be able to use reminders with big font. In addition, during the elections at the polling stations will operate sign-language interpreters for the hearing impaired and volunteers.