Suraykin promised to fight attempts to ban the Communist party, his supporters “to be Communists”

MOSCOW, March 6. /TASS/. The leader of the Communist party “Communists of Russia”, the candidate in presidents of Russia Maxim suraykin declared that will fight against the attempts of the Communist party to ban members of his party “to be Communists”. So the politician regards a claim filed with the Court on intellectual rights with the aim to make KCR to change the name, which, in the opinion of the Communist party, similar to the point of confusion with the naming of the party led by Gennady Zyuganov.

Monday outside the court in Moscow held a picket “Communists of Russia”, which was attended by about 20 people, the correspondent of TASS. Meanwhile, as it became known, the court has again postponed the planned for this day session, appointing him on March 19.

“For several years, the Communist party is trying in court to prevent us from being Communists, – said suraykin. – A few years ago, they appealed to the Moscow arbitration court, they now appealed to the Court on intellectual rights”. “The essence of their claim that the existence of our party is infringing their commercial rights,” – stated the politician his vision of the situation.

Suraykin called monstrous situation when “people are Communists, they call themselves the Communist party, rise to the position of the commercialization ideology”. “In the previous suit, they just wrote that they consider the voters with political users of services and that of our party violates their commercial interests,” he says. “We think this is outrageous, we will defend our rights,” – said the leader of the party, Recalling that a few years ago KKR managed to bring an end to the lawsuit.

“How can be attributed to the commercial interests of the right to be a Communist? – outraged suraykin. But, apparently, the gentlemen of the Communist party so commercialized, so fused with the oligarchy”. He did not rule out the existence of a relationship between the claim of the Communist party and the upcoming presidential elections. “They want to prevent us to elections, because they realize that in a fair political fight they’ll lose, people will understand who the real Communist party”, – said the head QPCR.

Speaking to reporters, suraykin were in touch with their supporters who waited for him with a raised flags with party symbols. The party leader discussed with them including the situation around the foreign accounts of the candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinina. The protesters assured Suraykina, that in the course of recent events, closely watched the election debate and cheer for “comrade Maxim.”