Foreign Ministry: creation of advanced weapons was the US response to the tension

MOSCOW, March 7. /TASS/. Steps of the Russian Federation on development of advanced weapons is a response to the escalation of the military-political situation of the USA and NATO countries. This was stated on Wednesday by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Focusing on the future weapons of Russia, many chose not to delve into the reasons that pushed Russia to their creation. And this is important. Persists the misunderstanding that the measures taken by the Russian side steps are a natural response to long-term, consistent actions of the United States and other countries participating in NATO focused on the escalation of military-political tensions, – said the diplomat. – Was a bit asimmetrichnye than many expected, with no agreement of the Russian Federation are not violated”.

“Washington and its allies have made an obvious bid for power factor in pushing their approaches in the international arena to bypass the universally accepted mechanisms to ensure peace and security. The theme of military dominance permeates American doctrinal documents”, – noted Zakharova, Recalling the provisions of the new US nuclear doctrine.

“We have long tried to establish a constructive dialogue on the strategic agenda and to bring colleagues to the discussion of those issues that really bother Russia, and much of the international community,” she added.

The limitation of ABM systems

“Has asked its Western partners to begin a serious discussion on the limitation of missile defense systems [ballistic missile defence], the bilateral agreement than with the us, despite all the efforts of Russia, just left in 2002. Being, in fact, part of the American offensive potential missile defense system poses a direct threat to the strategic balance of forces, – said Zakharov. – All Russian initiatives on creation of a joint missile defense system swept aside from the threshold”.

She pointed out that the US missile defense in Eastern Europe is being implemented, including in violation of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty), as “launchers can be used to launch offensive weapons” prohibited by the document.

“Would highly recommend to carefully re-examine the text of the presidential address (to the Federal Assembly – approx. TASS), especially the part where you clearly state that all work on strengthening our country’s defense held and conducted in the framework of existing agreements in the field of arms control. We hope that common sense will prevail, and partners will find the strength to move away from empty rhetoric and propaganda to make a choice in favor of a fair, equitable cooperation in a multipolar world really emerging,” – said the diplomat.

Message from the President

Russian President Vladimir Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly spoke on the development of new weapons systems that have no analogues in the world. Among them a new Intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat”, a hypersonic complex “Dagger”, a cruise missile with a nuclear power plant and an unmanned underwater vehicle that can be equipped with conventional and nuclear ammunition. The head of state stressed that the growing military power of Russia – is a reliable guarantee of peace on the planet, and all work on strengthening of defensibility of the country was held within the framework of existing agreements in the field of arms control.