Putin called a sign of weakness inclusion in the sanction lists “all % increases”

MOSCOW, March 7. /TASS/. The inclusion in the sanctions lists “all % increases” is a sign of weakness, not strength. This opinion was expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Vladimir Solovyov in “the world Order 2018”.

“What happened? Took all the % increases included in a list, all named enemies. This is a sign of weakness, not strength, when all trying one cracker to get. It does not happen, is a manifestation of incompetence,” – said Putin. Thus, the President commented on the remark of the leader of the U.S. sanctions list against Iran and

Anti-Russian sanctions are intended to deter Russia. It is unfair competition, but such methods were used before, says the President.

“[Sanctions] is a very old, if not ancient instrument, used by many, including our American partners,” – said the head of state.

“It has always been so – as soon as Russia became a strong, powerful state, began to panic from our partners, always began attempts to contain Russia”, – Putin said. “It’s just a way of competition is illegitimate, unfair, but so it is,” he said, adding that it is also “an attempt to restrain the growth of defense capability of our country.”

Putin in this connection, recalled the amendment of Jackson-Vanik, which has long operated in the United States against Russia. Then, after its cancellation in the same day was adopted “for spurious reasons” the new restrictive act – the Magnitsky act.

The Russian head of state did not agree with the opinion that perhaps Russia is better to appeal to Europe than to the United States. “What can they do? They are very dependent within the EU. They themselves can’t do anything”, – said the President of the Russian Federation. “When there inside there are political complex processes, they become very dependent on these processes, they become unpredictable”, – he said.

Answering the question about whether there is in the world of independent players, Putin replied succinctly: “Russia”. “There are still a few countries, but I am not responsible for them”, he added.

Advice to countries with anti-Russian policy

Putin believes that the country’s leading anti-Russian policy, will suffer from their actions. He advises, “to build relations with Russia.”

“Those who drip somewhere poison themselves and swallow it in the end, themselves the poison, poison,” – said the head of state.

Putin recalled the Russian saying: “do Not spit into the well useful water to drink”. “This is the case. It all eventually turns against those who do,” he said.

The Russian leader is convinced: “Not this needs to be addressed. It is necessary to build relations with Russia. And then everything will be all right.”

According to the President of the Russian Federation, “we need to always take a principled, honest and open position”. “And people in life and in the international arena”, – he said.

Putin explained: “If our partners know that we do not cheat, do not mislead, do not try to cheat, we have a position from which to argue, disagree, but it is clear, transparent and stable, then you can work with it”. “It inspires confidence, it inspires respect in the end. This is the base for cooperation”, – said the head of the Russian state.

Sanctions for the reunification of the Crimea was to be expected

The President said that he did not doubt that the reunification of the Crimea with Russia to follow the sanctions against Moscow.

“No doubt. Although it was not clear what form it will be done”, – Putin said, answering the question of Vladimir Soloviev in “the world Order 2018”, did you expect the introduction of the sanctions regime after the so-called Crimean spring.

“Taking these decisions, I had to put on the scales the return of the Crimea and the possible consequences associated with our relations with many countries of the world,” the President added.