Early voting in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation held on the Northern section of Russia

ARKHANGELSK, March 12. /TASS/. Early voting in the presidential elections in Russia held at the North polling station in the country, which is located on the island of Alexandra Land archipelago Franz-Joseph. Land on the Franz Josef land created for the first time, and early voting is conducted on the archipelago because on election day because of bad weather there is a risk of the data not to get.

“Newsletters on the Franz Josef land was delivered to the aircraft, and a member of the Commission couldn’t fly for about two weeks [of bad weather], but on the eve of the vote were eliminated,” – said TASS, the Chairman of the territorial election Commission of the Primorsky district Elena Chernysh.

Island polar bears

Alexandra land is the westernmost island of the archipelago and one of the biggest. At the end of February here ended the longest in Russia’s polar night. People live on the island all year round: it is the Northern Russian frontier “Nagurskoye”, the object of the Northern fleet and the base of the national Park “Russian Arctic”.

Two inspectors of the national Park, to vote went to the polling station five miles on snowmobiles. “The strong point of the Park is on the coast of the Bay North, and the area in the Central part of the island not covered by ice”, – told TASS state inspector of the Park for the protection of the environment Denis Inventory.

Went, of course, with arms, as Alexandra Land is the house of polar bears on the island they make maternity dens. “Three days ago I saw in the Bay the bear. The last time rare. Can appear, of course!” – said Inventory.

One hundred percent turnout

On the day of voting on the Alexandra Land and the sun was shining, but the temperature dropped to minus 27. Whether the opportunity to vote, Denis before leaving for the trip did not know – on the island, he is already not the first month. His colleague Alexander Morev came to Earth in Alexandra recently, replacing another inspector. Both of them have previously submitted an application for registration in the lists.

“The right to participate in elections away from the place of registration allowed changes in the electoral legislation, which we knew from the media before leaving for the trip to the Land of Franz Joseph. But on the organization of the electoral process in General and the opening of the polling station became known only in early February. We were very glad to the appeared possibility to participate in the political life of our great country, being on the Northern outskirts!”, – said Morev.

Land on the island worked daily from 8 to 20 hours. “In the Land of Franz Joseph we have 100% turnout 378 people in the list, all 378 voted,” – said TASS Elena Chernysh.

The only phone

On this day the voting took place in one of the most distant areas of the Arkhangelsk region – in the village of Sigmas Leshukonsky district. To tell the tale, members of the precinct election Commission was waiting for a call from only a few localities of satellite pay phone on the street. “We’re minus 28, the sun shines, – said TASS Deputy Chairman of the precinct election Commission Viktar Potashev. – We arrived the day before, spent the night. Voting takes place at the country club”.

In Sigmate neither mobile, nor fixed telephone, TV only two channels. “The first channel comes, the second does not work, the residents here satellite dish, telephone – Yes, a pay phone, and he doesn’t always work,” said TASS PEC member Ivan Lyapunov.

The Commission travelled several hours by snowmobile from Waggery 90 km along the river – different in Sigmas not get. “The forest road is still there, but no one cleans, it is generally impassable in the summer, only by boat,” explained Victor Potashev. Of Sigmas the Commission went to the village Laricina, where only two residents. “In General, we have the list for today 21 the voter,” said Potashev.

“We have a very large area, – told TASS the Chairman of the Leshukonsky territorial election Commission Viktor Khokhlov. – Somewhere to voters the need to go 90 km, about 30. In summer, all these settlements rivers are now accessible by all-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles “Buran”.

As explained by Ukrainians, included in the lists of early voting 355 people voted in Leshukonye 207. “We have early voting is over. Now in the day of the election,” he said. A total of about seven thousand voters.

As reported TASS the Chairman of the election Commission of the Arkhangelsk region Andrey Kontievsky, on the morning of March 12 in the region of ahead of schedule voted voters 1309. “In some areas, early voting will continue this week,” he said. In the region ahead of time can vote up to 3-4% of voters.