Matvienko: the taken legal and technical measures will allow the most open elections

SAINT PETERSBURG, March 12. /TASS/. Accepted legal, organisational and technical measures, will make the presidential elections in 2018, the most open in the history of modern Russia, says the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. She reported about it in interview to the newspaper “St. Petersburg Vedomosti”, published on Monday.

“The state has taken legal, organizational, and technical measures that increase the transparency of the elections, public control over their results. The benefit of technological progress allows it. Currently, the cameras are equipped polling stations, which together cover the territory, home to 85-90% of Russia’s population. Under the cameras will be not only voting, but also counting of votes at polling stations,” she said.

Matvienko also noted that over the last years huge work on improvement of legislation regulating elections. “Today we can confidently say that the Russian electoral legislation meets all modern international standards in this sphere”, – she said.

According to the speaker of the Federation Council, an important measure to improve the transparency of the election was the work of observers in the campaign of 2018. “The CEC has expressed interest in the greatest possible number of observers at polling stations and at territorial election commissions. And not only stated, but also engage with political structures, civil society organizations, established the training of observers, so that they carried out their mission professionally and honestly,” – said Matvienko.

The Chairman of the upper house of the Parliament noted also that the expected large number of observers from abroad. “We in the Federation Council, our colleagues from the State Duma also invite to observe the elections of parliamentarians from different countries. Convinced that all these efforts will make the presidential elections in 2018, the most open in the history of modern Russia”, – said Matvienko.

Also Matvienko said that the voter turnout in the presidential elections March 18 will be higher than it was during previous campaigns.

“The fact that society has set the mood for participation in the vote, seen as the naked eye. According to sociological polls, March 18 polling stations intends to come voters more than in previous elections,” she said.

She confirmed that the Russian authorities and the media are paying much attention to informing about the election. “The state, including we, the legislators, regional and municipal authorities, the Central election Commission are really doing everything to ensure that as many Russians as possible came to vote. After all, this is the real participation of citizens in governance, in making, without the slightest exaggeration, a fateful state decisions”, – said the speaker of the Federation Council.

Talk about the predetermination of election results Matvienko has called baseless. “The citizens have, from whom to choose. The final list of eight candidates. Behind them, the parties represented in the State Duma, other political forces,” she said.

Assessment Matvienko, “all the candidates in a good way ambitious configured for real ideological and political struggle”. However, she expressed the hope that the final stage of the election campaign will be held properly, without violations of legal norms, scandals and excesses.

“Of course, to completely avoid “the passions” is unlikely. The more important is now the regulatory and Supervisory role of the CEC. At the same time, I believe the candidates themselves are interested in how to be responsible and restrained in their speeches and actions. Moral, psychological qualities of candidates are important to voters no less than professionalism, experience, intellectual baggage,” said she.

Itself Matvienko plans to vote in St. Petersburg.

“I am sure that the most active part in voting, and in the process of election observation will take Petersburgers. I have no doubt that on 18 March, the residents of our town will show their high civic consciousness. I myself, by the way, I plan to vote on 18 March in St. Petersburg,” she said.

Matvienko noted that the procedure of voting at the actual place of stay “has become simple and convenient for citizens.” “A very useful step in simplification procedures that allow the voter to vote at his place of actual stay. A statement about where you plan to vote, can be submitted in any of the MFC, in the precinct election commissions. Moreover, it could be done electronically through the portal of public services”, – said the speaker of the Federation Council.

Matvienko in the Federation Council is the representative of the Executive body of state power of St. Petersburg.