Nebesa: the new military action of the USA against Syria will strike at the stability of the region

UN 12 Mar. /TASS/. New military action against Syria, which has threatened the United States, will deal a severe blow to stability in the middle East. With such a warning was made on Monday, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia at the meeting of the Security Council.

According to him, the militants in the Damascus suburb of East ghouta trying to provoke aggression against Syria. He said that on March 5, the members of the terrorist group “dzhebhat an-Nusra” (banned in Russia) used in “chlorine-containing substance, as a result, injured 30 civilians.” Responsibility for such an attack promptly are trying to impose on the Pro-government forces, said the sebenza.

“All of this is done in order to prepare the ground for unilateral actions of force against a sovereign Syria. In speeches today, some of the delegations we heard hints. In fact weighted steps that are able to deliver another heavy blow to regional stability,” the diplomat said.

However, he drew attention to reports that in areas freed from armed groups, “discovered new caches of chemicals.” However, the relevant structures of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons “very sluggish to respond to treatment of the Syrian authorities”, said the Ambassador of the Russian Federation.

The counter-terrorism operation in the suburbs of Damascus does not contradict the resolutions of the UN Security Council 2401, and the government of Syria has the right to continue it, said Russia’s permanent representative at the UN.

“Counter-terrorism operation being done by the Syrian military, is not contrary to the resolution 2401. The Syrian government has every right to strive for the elimination of security threats to its citizens. A suburb of Damascus cannot remain a hotbed of terrorists”, – said the diplomat.

According to him, “it is the continuing attempts by terrorists to disrupt the cease of hostilities and is due to the continuing tense situation in Syria.” “Of course, the most busy district in this respect is the East ghouta”, – said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

He assured that Russia “will continue its efforts to implement resolution 2401”, adopted on 24 Feb and requiring a 30-day cease-fire in Syria for humanitarian operations. “But we demand that some of our colleagues passed their part of the road and had a real impact on supported and sponsored by their groups, not cried endlessly to Russia, creating a false impression that this resolution relates solely to us,” – said Nebenzia.

The Security Council on Monday convened a meeting to discuss the resolution 2401. Western States has made its adoption on the background of the situation in Eastern ghouta, where, surrounded by the Syrian army there are several thousand members of armed groups. Addressing the meeting, US Ambassador Nikki Haley’s attack on Syria in case if the UN security Council will not achieve the cessation of hostilities in a Damascus suburb.

The American delegation circulated a draft resolution on the ceasefire in the area. In contrast to the resolution 2401, the new text does not contain language allowing her to continue counter-terrorism operations.