Nebesa: gas “Newbie” is not developed in Russia, it could be produced in the UK

UN, March 15. /TASS/. No research and development under the conditional name “Newcomer” in Russia was not conducted, and the chemical used for poisoning ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, could be produced by including in the UK. This was stated on Wednesday, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia at the meeting of the Security Council.

“In the Russian Federation no scientific research and experimental development under the conditional name “Beginner” was not conducted”, – said the diplomat. According to him, the most likely place of origin of this chemical “are the countries, which from the end 90-x years at present, and conducted intensive research on these substances, including the UK.”

The envoy added that Russia is not involved in the poisoning Skripal and his daughter and is ready for joint investigation of the incident with great Britain.

“Russia is not implicated in this incident, the ultimatum of London we believe is negligible. Expected that the United Kingdom will act in strict accordance with the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, other international instruments, including the European Convention on legal assistance in criminal matters, as well as provide samples of the substances referenced in the British investigation for a joint investigation, if he assigned the Russian origin”, – said the diplomat. According to him, “this is not optional but a mandatory requirement under the Convention”.

“We are for such an investigation is ready, we fear and nothing to hide,” added the diplomat. He also said that Russia had no motive to eliminate Skripal, especially in light of the upcoming presidential elections and the world Cup. “What do you think, best the incident of Russia on the eve of the presidential elections and the world Cup? But I know several countries – but in accordance with the principle of presumption of innocence will not call them by name – for which the incident and the accusations of Russia in it is extremely beneficial and timely,” – said Nebenzia.

According to him, Skripal, who was convicted of espionage, served his sentence and was pardoned, “posed no threat” to Russia. “But he is well suited to the role of the victim, which can be used to justify any unbelievable lies, dirt and smear campaign against Russia”, – said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation. According to him, the British authorities, bringing the case Skripal, “are aware of on a conscious blackening Russia, not shrinking by any means.”

The UN security Council at the request of London on 14 March and discussed the incident with the ex-GRU Colonel. Acting Ambassador of great Britain Jonathan Allen at the meeting accused Russia of violating the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons. He argued that Russia “did not declare a substance a “Newbie” or objects associated with its production, as required by the Convention”. In addition, the diplomat tried to accuse Russia in violation of the UN Charter.

The Allen that London is not going to give Moscow a sample of the substance on March 4 in the UK has been poisoned by a former employee of Russian military intelligence Skripal, recruited at the time by Western intelligence agencies.