Yavlinsky voted in the presidential elections in Moscow

MOSCOW, March 18. /TASS/. The candidate in presidents of Russia from party “the Apple” Grigory Yavlinsky voted Sunday in elections at the polling station on Autumn Boulevard to the West of Moscow.

To a journalist’s question, whether he found any violations directly on this polling station, the candidate smiled and said, “That’s just you found it.” While Yavlinsky did not answer the questions for whom he gave his voice, Recalling the secrecy of the ballot.

The polling station at the Autumn Boulevard is located in the secondary school, at 09:30 GMT it was crowded. Before entering the school tents have been set up the capital festival “Masada”, as well as to many other areas in the city. Working in them, the merchants warmed up, exchanging strikes the soccer ball with the children of residents who came to vote. Those who wanted could try their hand at an ancient Russian entertainment – the balancing act on the beam.

In Russia on March 18 presidential election takes place.