Volodin: the information campaign against Russia outside even more voters rallied around Putin

MOSCOW, March 20. /TASS/. The rabid media campaign against Russia even more rallied voters around Vladimir Putin. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday to journalists by the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, on the results of Duma Council.

“Attacks coming from abroad, expanded the rabid media campaign against our country even more United the citizens and voters around Vladimir Putin, and why he received such support,” he said.

“He’s their service, their work, their deeds proved how much can be done for our country. And citizens of Russia, regardless of their party and political affiliation, have United round him,” – said Volodin.

The speaker added that the increased level of support for the President with voters abroad shows that for them, he and Russia are one and the same.

“That result gave me such support to our President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, is, of course, an indication that the citizens of Russia living in territory of the USA, the UK, France, understand that making the choice in support of President Putin, they support Russia”, – said Tuesday the head of the lower house of Parliament, answering the question TASS. “For them, Putin and Russia are one and the same”, – he stressed.

Volodin again drew attention to the fact that overseas citizens came to the polls and voted for Putin, “despite the pressure that is on them in the first place, because they live on the territory of these countries”. “And through information policy [under pressure], and this unfriendly side is manifested through other areas of our citizens still made their choice and showed the world that Putin is the advantage of Russia”, – he concluded

The speaker added that the Russians also said a higher turnout at the initiative of the blogger Alexei Navalny about the boycott of the presidential election.

“Citizens took and answered Mr Navalny on his initiative a higher turnout,” said the speaker, responding to a question.

On the question of whether the state, the speaker retorted that wrong, “to record in the public sector, almost 70% of the citizens” of Russia and recalled the queues lined up for voting abroad.

Elections at a high level

Vyacheslav Volodin has noted good work of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation on the organization of the presidential elections held on 18 March, and thanked the presidential administration, which “did much to all was held at such a high level.”

“We see in Moscow, in St. Petersburg – everywhere was a great turnout and the legitimacy of the elections is not in doubt,” said the speaker in conversation with journalists. “For example, in the electoral district (the Saratov, Tambov, Penza and Volgograd region – approx. TASS), which I represent in the state Duma, we have the hour of the night, with the exception of one or two sites where there was a recount, all the reports were filed in a unified system of elections, – he told. Is done immediately, without delaying”. “Because when there is a delay, the question always arises that something to find”, – stated the politician.

“We need to pay tribute to the Central election Commission, they do,” – said Volodin. “And the presidential administration too, because the administration of the President, of course, this work is carried out on a systematic basis. And it is necessary to tell words of gratitude to those who had to do this work,” he added, responding to a question.

“It is clear that there is no limit to perfection, you need to always go this way, – the speaker continued. – But the fact that my colleagues in the administration have done a lot for it to be held at such a high level, and the Central election Commission across the vertical does a lot for the legitimacy, organization, appearance, is really so.” “And much was made by the candidates to achieve their results,” he added.

Presidential elections were held on 18 March. According to the latest preliminary data of the CEC, incumbent President of Russia Vladimir Putin wins the presidential election, gaining more than 76,6% after processing of 99,84% of final protocols of precinct election commissions, the voter turnout was 67,74%.