Pamfilova: in the election of the President was created “a system of 10 screens” from fraud

MOSCOW, March 23. /TASS/. Unprecedented protection system of elections from fraud used in the elections of the President of the Russian Federation on March 18. This was stated by the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova at the meeting of the Commission on summarizing results of voting.

“This time had created an unprecedented system, I would be called: a system of 10 screens from fraud. The system of protection against the fool, provocateur, malfeasance,” she said.

Pamfilova noted that the elections were open, helped by the presence in areas of public observers, delegated by the Federal and regional public chambers. In addition, more than half of all polling stations and all 2,7 thousand of the territorial commissions were equipped with CCTV, the broadcast was carried out on the Internet. “Two-level video surveillance: video cameras in areas where they could vote 80% of all voters, the first time the surveillance of territorial commissions,” – said Pamfilova.

In total, according to Pamfilova, at the polling stations on March 18, the voting process was watched 356 thousand observers, including more than 150 thousand representatives of public chambers. In addition, the elections were observed 105 thousand members of election commissions with deliberative vote, 1 thousand 515 foreign and international observers from 115 countries and nearly 15 thousand accredited members of the media. Also from “fool, provocateur and malfeasance,” according to the CEC head, defended the stricter criminal legislation in parts of responsibility for falsification of results of voting and the use of technology QR codes for the manufacture of final protocols of precinct election commissions.

“We did everything to grab the hand of counterfeiters,” concluded Pamfilova, noting that in some “developed and democratic” countries for election observation is generally not carried out.

According to Pamfilova, the CEC will inevitably reveal trying to vote repeatedly, they will be held accountable.

“As for those who already spezzatino could vote, some of them we learned on election day. The rest, if someone even took advantage of this loophole, still we identify them,” warned the head of the CEC. “And as the applicants themselves who went on of the breach and the members of the commissions, of course, will answer for this”, she said.

The head of the Central election Commission assured that the bussing of voters in the presidential elections.

“We almost put up a barrier, minimize any types of illegal bussing, which previously had a claim. Some representatives of the journalistic community, not understanding, began to call the bussing decorated perfectly legal procedure. Colleagues: of bussing this time was not, I have no such information,” – said the CEC head.

“With the filing of the expert community on the basis of foreign experience, the CEC regulates the delivery of observer state, municipal or private transport from remote sites locations, as well as working in enterprises with continuous production cycle,” – said Pamfilova, Recalling that earlier vote of the citizens were fair questions from candidates and parties. “Legally, we introduced a mechanism that allows help to get to sites healthy people who have no transport and are impenetrable to the voting at home, – she said. – Local authorities specifically allocated to transport, all this was carried out according to special procedure”.

The CEC head also noted that in cooperation with the public authorities, the Commission “did a great job on providing access to polling stations for citizens with disabilities”.