The Ambassador of the Russian Federation: Western diplomats arrived for the ceremony in memory of the bombing of Serbia

BELGRADE, March 24. /Offset. TASS Pavel Bushuev/. None of the Western diplomats did not attend a mourning ceremony, commemorating the victims of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia. This was stated on Saturday by Russian journalists the Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Chepurin.

“I already fifth time in a row participate in the ceremony in memory of the victims of the NATO aggression. And today, once again none of the Western diplomats did not bother to attend the ceremony. That is, they do not repent, moreover, they believe that everything is done correctly. It turns out that the Serbs to them, not like a people, moreover, they continue to teach us humanity” – said Chepurin.

Answering the question of TASS, are the recent allegations in the Serbian press about Russia in the case Skripal with the anniversary of the NATO bombing, the diplomat reminded that the charges came just in time. “First, they are completely unproven. Secondly, they were selected so the time to distract people from the anniversary of the bombing. No one wants any investigation”, – said the Ambassador.

Earlier, the Ambassador of great Britain Denis Keefe in the author’s article in the newspaper “Politika” said that “all elements of the investigation and the objective facts point unequivocally in the direction of Russia as the culprit”. In response, Russian Ambassador to Serbia advised his British colleague to explore the legacy of Sherlock Holmes and “search interest”. According to the Russian diplomat, the United Kingdom, never conquered outer space, trying to compensate for this “false cosmic dimensions of the role of Moscow in the tragedy in Salisbury”.

Earlier, the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic thanked foreign diplomats attending the ceremony. At the same time, the United States Ambassador in Serbia Kyle Scott refused to answer the questions of Serbian journalists about the involvement of Washington in the bombing of Yugoslavia. “Today I don’t want to talk about it,” said Scott in response to the question of journalists whether he thinks that the wounds in relations between the USA and Serbia will ever become overgrown.

Memorial ceremony

A mourning ceremony on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia was held on Saturday in the Serbian town of Aleksinac on the South of the country. The event started with the roar of sirens and aircraft in complete darkness.

Aleksinac, which is often called “Serbian Hiroshima” – a small 16-strong mining town in southern Serbia. There has never been military targets, however, the city became one of the first affected communities of Serbia in the NATO aggression of 1999.

On the night of 5 April, NATO aircraft attacked with cluster bombs in the city. As a result of carpet bombing had destroyed a whole street – 40 private houses and 125 apartments in multi-storey buildings. In addition, the sighting planes bombed two factories, tourist complex, bus station, cultural and educational institutions, urban sports complex. As a result of this bombing killed 14 people and 50 persons got severe wounds.

NATO called the attack on Aleksinac “collateral damage.” Later, in may and June, Aleksinac bombed again, was destroyed dozens of homes and destroyed almost all industrial facilities, killing and wounding dozens of people.