Russian foreign Ministry: US intelligence agencies are trying to get in contact with the expelled Russian diplomats

MOSCOW, March 30. /TASS/. US intelligence agencies are trying to get in contact with Russian diplomats, wrongly deported from the United States. This is stated in a statement on Friday comments by the Russian foreign Ministry.

“We note the intensified provocative actions against Russian diplomats in the United States, – have informed in the Ministry. – In recent days – after the announcement of arbitrary expulsion from this country of 60 employees of diplomatic missions of Russia – U.S. intelligence agencies are making feverish attempts to get in contact with them”.

In Russian depodesta drew attention to a series of outrageous episodes, when those whom Washington is “forced to terminate the trip, tried to offer “help” for a secret relationship “mutually beneficial basis”. “In the United States has clearly decided to play the combination: the official government arbitrarily expelled Russian diplomats, and behave more and more aggressive American intelligence agencies immediately try to take advantage of this difficult time for our people moment, – said the Russian foreign Ministry. – None of the obvious ideas they have not come out, but it looks like the behavior is cynical and disgusting that Washington had ceased to be aware of the scope of elementary decency.”

“All these cases, we carefully record and make conclusions”, – stressed in the Ministry.