Torgpred Russia was in the number of removals from U.S. diplomats

WASHINGTON, March 30. /TASS/. Russian trade representative to the US Alexander Stadnik was in the list of Russian diplomats, expelled by Washington with the American territory. He confirmed it Thursday in a telephone conversation with the correspondent of TASS.

Stadnik is currently in the capital of Russia. The news that he was in the list of the deportees from U.S. to Russian diplomats, caught him in Moscow, where I went a few days ago at a Board meeting of the Ministry of economic development.

March 26, USA of expulsion from 60 Russian diplomats and the closure of the Consulate General of Russia in Seattle. A further 24 European countries , and also decided to expel the diplomats of Russia (a total of 63 people). NATO, the Russian mission to the organization from 30 to 20 people, and the EU for consultations its Ambassador in Moscow, followed his example , , , and (formerly London 23 diplomat of the Russian Federation, Moscow responded to the expulsion of the same number of British).

Coordinated by Washington and London with the support of Paris and Berlin, the action happened in the background in Salisbury, a former Russian military intelligence Sergei Skripal, recruited by Western intelligence agencies. The transatlantic allies accused of involvement in the assassination Skripal Russia. Moscow denies any involvement in the incident.