Moscow sent London a note with a list of questions in the case Skrobala

MOSCOW, March 31. /TASS/. The Russian Embassy in London on Saturday has written to the British foreign office note, which contains a list of questions in the case Skrobala. This was reported in the foreign Ministry.

“On 31 March, the Russian Embassy in London has written to the foreign Ministry of great Britain a note with a list of questions for the British side in the fabricated against Russia the case Skrypalia”, – stated in the message. The list of 14 questions, which are posted on the website of the foreign Ministry.

First and foremost, the Russian foreign Ministry asked to explain why Russia has denied consular access to the two Russian citizens who suffered in the British territory, and also to clarify the antidote treated the victims in the incident and how the local doctors were in possession of such drugs.

The Russian side has demanded from the Ministry of foreign Affairs to inform you, based on what features (markers) are installed in the alleged “Russian origin” of matter, applied in Salisbury are there any London control samples standard chemical warfare agents for analysis and establishing whether it was really applied.

In addition, Russia asks the natural question, whether the developed samples of this substance or its analogue in the UK as, apparently, in the hands of the British there is an antidote and they allegedly managed to establish the type of substance, which was supposed to take a sample for comparison.

The Participation Of France

The note also included questions dedicated to the French participation in the investigation. “On what basis France has been involved in technical cooperation in the investigation of the incident, which injured Russian citizens?”, – displays the question in the text of the document.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation interested, did UK the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) on the connection of France to investigate the incident and was transferred to the results of the French investigation into the disposal of thesecretariat organization. In addition, Russia has demanded an answer to the questions, what has France to do with the incident with two Russian nationals in the UK and what are the norms of the procedural legislation of the United Kingdom attract domestic investigation of foreign state.

The Russian side requested data on what the case of London, shared with Paris to study and conduct their own investigation, and also whether or not the UK made by France of the investigation, was attended by French experts in the fence biomaterial Sergei and Yulia Skrobala, and finally, whether the study of the French specialists of these biomaterials and in which specific laboratories.