Matvienko: the government needs clever use of the laws on the protection of historical heritage

KISLOVODSK, April 2. /TASS/. The current legislation on the protection of objects of cultural and historical heritage offers an effective leverage and local authorities need to correctly use it. Such opinion on Monday was expressed by the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, answering a question whether it is possible to simplify the mechanism of the influence on owners who are rebuilding and changing the appearance of historical buildings.

“While the need to amend the legislation, we do not see. Need to learn how to use the law that already exists, exercise the will, hardness and insistence,” – said Matvienko.

The Federation Council speaker noted that in 2013 he was co-author of changes in the administrative code to increase the penalties for improper content or for damage, destruction of cultural heritage, monuments and culture. “Increased tenfold and for businesses and for individuals, the fines, they have grown substantially, and the government needs to use it. The Prosecutor’s office, the supervisors must require the owners to follow the progress of repairs and restoration and apply all of these possible by law, penalties, fines, involvement in responsibility,” she said.

Matvienko stressed that “the preservation of cultural and historical heritage – it is our duty is the preservation of our memory and history” and “owner, in accordance with the law, bears absolute responsibility for the preservation of historical heritage”. “The mayor of Kislovodsk city government in recent years has done much to restore the historic facades, bringing order to the buildings,” – said Matvienko.