Embassy of the Russian Federation: the British side refuses to provide consular access Scriply

LONDON, April 3. /TASS/. The British side refuses to grant consular access to the victims of the Salisbury ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, as well as to provide information about the circumstances of the death of Nikolay Glushkov.

On Tuesday TASS reported in the Russian Embassy held a briefing with participation of Russian Ambassador to UK Alexander Yakovenko and the heads of accredited diplomatic missions in London.

“The ambassadors were informed about the situation with the failure of the United Kingdom of its international obligations under the Vienna Convention on consular relations and the bilateral Consular Convention. The British side refuses to provide consular access and does not provide information about poisoning and death Skrobala Glushkov, which is the Russian citizens. During the briefing it was stated that this behavior is unacceptable”, – said the press Secretary of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

Yakovenko also said “that Russia intends to achieve in the International organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) transparent investigations, while Reaffirming the commitment to collaboration and consultations with the British side”. “The Ambassador answered questions of heads of foreign diplomatic missions,” added the Russian Embassy.