Naryshkin called the case Skrobala grotesque provocation of special services of great Britain and the United States

MOSCOW, April 4. /TASS/. The head of the SVR, Sergei Naryshkin has called the story a provocation Skrobala grotesque, crudely concocted by foreign intelligence services.

“Even in a grotesque provocation with Kripalani, crudely concocted by the secret services of Britain and the United States, some European States is in no hurry to blindly follow London and Washington, but prefers to look into the incident,” he said at the VII Moscow conference on international security.

According to Naryshkin, aggressive pressure, “which ambassadors and other officials of the US and the UK, as we know, have on the NATO allies, the EU, Asian and other States in the so-called business Skrypalia”, can be regarded as a manifestation approach “americanocentric system of international relations based on coercion, even blackmail.” “Of course, politics have never been an honest occupation. However, at this stage, the number and the quality of the lie is to justify the hegemony of the West is simply unprecedented,” – said the head of the SVR.

Naryshkin compared the condition described in George Orwell’s “1984” where “war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength”. “All the values and norms that otherwise govern inter-state relations, given the opposite value,” – said Naryshkin, noting that “there is not far to makarovskij witches with the thesis “the good is evil and evil is good”.

“As a result, a paradoxical situation, when all we seem to speak the same legal language, or rather used the same words, but in the mouth of Western politicians, their meaning is reversed and it becomes absurd,” – said the head of the SVR.

“For a rise in rates”

Naryshkin urged to abandon force in international relations, in order to prevent a second Cuban missile crisis.

“It is important to stop irresponsible gambling to increase interest rates and refuse to force in international relations. Not to bring up second Cuban missile crisis, when between our countries there are more urgent tasks to ensure prosperity and free development of people,” he said.

According to Naryshkin, it is necessary to move towards strengthening the current global and interregional associations “along the way, improving the tools of cooperation between the two countries”. “You need to restart the system of international legal relations, to make it work, why stop using double standards and talk finally one truly universal language, it’s not too late”, – said the head of the SVR.

“Coercion and dictatorship”

Naryshkin said that the US and some European countries are trying to build relations with other States on the principles of dictatorship and coercion.

He noted that in the international arena emerging and strengthening new influential centers of power, such as India, Brazil, South Africa and, of course, China and Russia. “In fact, the US and parts of Europe were not ready for such changes, they cannot and do not want to face the truth, deal with the inevitable weakening of its once unchallenged influence. Still trying to build relations with other States of the old rooted in the colonial system principles, such as coercion and dictatorship”, – said the head of the SVR, noting that the West clings to the past and trying to rely on outdated tools of the cold war period.

“Gripped by fear of change, the West is ready to build a new iron curtain. If this truly striking is the level of hypocrisy that Washington and its satellites accompany the projection of the so-called Western power,” – said Naryshkin.

He stressed that the system of vassalage created by Washington, fails, abandoned by their allies. “The Americans are starting to move away even their most loyal companions – the Europeans, the welfare and security which the United States, without hesitation, lay on the altar of its own geopolitical aspirations”, – said the head of the SVR.

As noted by Naryshkin, currently under pretence of the triumph of freedom throughout the world there is a violent erosion of traditional values such as religion, nation, family and even sexual identity. “It comes to the fact that the interests of the majority openly violated in the so-called democratic countries,” he added, noting that “the majority cannot protect their rights in the face of aggressive minorities, and forced to actually apologize for their existence”.

NATO’s relationship with Russia

Naryshkin believes that the level of confrontation between NATO and Russia has increased over the past year.

“Over the past year the level of confrontation everywhere has increased, particularly between the group of NATO member States and Russia. The recent expulsion of diplomats from the United States and satellite countries under completely false pretenses and triggered without regard to international law is a sad confirmation of this fact”, – said the head of the SVR.

He also stressed that the objective reasons for confrontation between Russia and the West does not exist, but in spite of that currently we can speak about the return of the cold war.

“The fight against so-called non-existent Russian threat became a real obsession in the politics of Washington. It has reached such proportions and gained so ridiculous that it is time to talk about the return of the dark days of the cold war. The reasons for the deterioration of relations does not exist, the cold war ended, ideological confrontation between East and West came to naught,” – said Naryshkin.

He noted that in the world rise of new threats such as international terrorism and environmental security, which cannot be solved without participation of Russia. “Moreover, the community has been faced with entirely new challenges such as international terrorism, sustainable development environmental security in the world. The answer can be given only by joint efforts, and to do so without the participation of Russia, as well as China, India and Brazil, is simply unthinkable,” said the head of the SVR.