Putin stressed the importance of the joint statement on Syria in support of its sovereignty

ANKARA, April 4. /TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted the importance of the joint statement on Syria in support of the sovereignty and unity of this country against the background of attempts to aggravate the contradictions in the Arab country.

“Reached important agreements, which is reflected in the adopted following the meeting a joint statement – he said at the summit. – Note that this document emphasized the firm commitment of Russia, Iran and Turkey to contribute to the strengthening of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. Such a principled stance is particularly relevant today, amid the growing attempts to aggravate inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relations in the Syrian society.”

Putin added that such attempts aim to “split the country apart, while maintaining the potential for conflict in the middle East for many years to come”.

He said that Russia, Iran and Turkey pay special attention to post-conflict reconstruction of Syria. While Russia sees the opportunity to participate in infrastructure projects. “We have agreed on the consolidation of post-conflict reconstruction efforts in Syria. It is first and foremost about the construction of social and infrastructure objects”, – said the President.

Putin noted that Russian companies are already actively involved in this work, and the number of projects implemented in areas where until recently wielded the militants. However, the President added that without major major investment in Syria will not be able to restore it.

“Except a political settlement is essential so that people could live in normal conditions, and without large capital investment from outside, including, nothing will be done. We call upon all countries to actively participate not only in words but in deeds,” – said Putin. He noted that in addition to Russia, Turkey and Iran, almost no one does not participate in the provision of humanitarian aid to Syria, has only a small supply by the UN. “But this is quite insufficient, and certainly will need to engage in common work on economic recovery of Syria, to rebuild the infrastructure,” we believe Putin.

The Russian leader also stated about the inadmissibility of attempts to politicize the topic of humanitarian assistance in Syria. “An important part of our discussions took humanitarian issues, Putin said. Was stated the inadmissibility of politicization of this topic, the need for strict implementation of resolution 2401 of the UN security Council, which aims to alleviate the suffering of civilians throughout Syria,” – said Putin.

The President said that he had informed the Turkish and Iranian colleagues on the efforts of Russian efforts, particularly in Eastern ghouta. “In the war zone are regularly provided humanitarian assistance, including through donations of the citizens of Russia”, – he noted, adding that in February, the believers in Syria sent 77 tons of food and commodities.

Putin assured that Russia, Iran and Turkey will be more coordinated steps to solve the humanitarian problems in Syria. Starting in Astana of the working group on the release of the hostages, the transfer of the bodies and the missing persons, he brought to practical steps.

The Russian leader also expressed confidence that the problem of influx of refugees can only be solved by conflict resolution, which people leave their homes. “We just need to solve the conflict, then there will be refugees,” he said. Putin did not answer the question about the behaviour of the EU countries that do not honour their pledges to accept Syrian refugees in greater volume. “You better ask them. We all promise to try to do, – said Putin. And if we do not obey, then explain why we have something able and when we have fulfilled what we agreed”.

The Russian leader noted the considerable burden posed by Turkey in connection with the influx of refugees from Syria. Putin noted that this situation is not unique, in particular, RF carries a greater burden for refugees from Ukraine.

Putin thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for organizing this trilateral meeting and the official visit of the Russian President in Ankara on 3 April. According to him, “the official visit was very successful,” and a trilateral summit – “meaningful and effective”.