RBC: VTB plans almost to triple the dividends to minority shareholders in 2017

MOSCOW, April 5. /TASS/. VTB plans to increase dividend payments to minority shareholders in 2.7 times, leaving the compensation to key shareholder – the state – level last year, according to RBC with reference to sources.

VTB plans to direct dividends for 2017 61% of net profit, or the 73.5 billion rubles, the newspaper writes, citing two sources familiar with the agenda of the Supervisory Board of the Bank, scheduled for April 16. “According to current proposals, the state in total for all classes of shares should receive 56 billion, the minority shareholders of 17.5 billion rubles,” – according to sources of publication.

According to them, with payments for 2017 dividend on ordinary shares is planned to be allocated 44.8 billion rubles on preferred shares of the first type, and 11.8 billion rubles on the “prefs” of the second type – 16,95 billion.

VTB and the government refused to comment on the edition size of the planned dividends.

Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev said in February that the government agreed to a transition VTB to equal dividend payments on ordinary and preferred shares. It is supposed that such measure will allow to increase the yield on ordinary shares, 60.9% of which belongs to the state.

By the end of 2016 dividends on ordinary shares amounted to 15,164 billion based 0,00117 ruble per share. The payment of dividends on the “prefs” of the first type has been allocated 11,129 billion roubles, on the “prefs” of the second type – 18.1 billion rubles.

VTB’s main shareholder is the Russian Federation, which is represented by Rosimushchestvo and the Ministry of Finance belongs 60,9348% of the voting shares, or 45,01% (including GK “Agency on insurance of contributions” – 92,23%) of the share capital of the Bank.